5 Best Places to Find Weed Seeds

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Considering the number of online seed banks, finding the right store to purchase cannabis seeds is not quite an easy task. Many seed banks are overpriced, some sell poor-quality seeds, and others are outright scams.

But several online seed banks are pretty reputable in the industry. They make shopping simple, convenient, and fun. They sell great-quality seeds and ship swiftly. These are the seed banks that we’re going to cover below. Please note that if you want weed delivery for medical marijuana patients, you must have a valid medical card before you can place a delivery order.

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Dutch Passion Seeds

If you’re looking for an impressive cannabis seed bank with outstanding results and positive reviews, then you need to try out the Dutch Passion seeds collection. Established in Amsterdam in 1987, the company has supplied an array of authentic, classic strains and numerous new varieties.

Dutch Passion has established itself as a cannabis powerhouse, and it’s easy to see why. It’s interesting to know that several varieties from the Dutch Passion seeds collection have won multiple awards. Varieties like Blueberry, Skunk #11, Mazar, White Widow, and Power Plant have won awards and become popular varieties.

Benefits of Dutch Passion Seeds

  • Dutch Passion offers a loyalty program to its clients
  • They provide an extensive catalog of strain varieties
  • The company possesses vast experience in the cannabis market – therefore, there are great at what they do
  • Their website offers plenty of information regarding strains, cannabis equipment, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Drawbacks of Dutch Passion Seeds

  • Deliveries attract extra charges
  • The costs of their strains are relatively expensive as compared to their competitors

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds from a trusted and credible supplier, then ILGM should be your go-to place. ILGM is a preferred brand for many customers because it’s 100% organic and safe, and it offers distinctive services and features.

They value their clients largely not only by offering product replacements in case of any mishaps but also by assisting newbies who want to be growers. ILGM’s customers trust the brand and have many positive reviews. I Love Growing Marijuana is certainly a commendable brand if you’re looking for high-grade cannabis seeds.

Benefits of ILGM

  • Subtle and discreet packaging
  • Numerous modes of payment
  • Germination guaranteed.
  • Swift delivery times and free deliveries in Europe and the US
  • Vouchers and exclusive memberships on their website

Drawbacks of ILGM

  • The brand does not make deliveries to Canada and the UK
  • ILGM doesn’t support PayPal payments
  • Their collections of strains are not competitive as compared to the rest of their competition

Marijuana Seeds NL

Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) is a business established by marijuana enthusiasts in 1999 to make cannabis seeds legally and easily available. The company has grown exponentially to develop long-term, trustworthy relationships with other seed seekers and growers.

But what makes the MSNL so special? MSNL supplies fresh high-grade cannabis seeds right to your doorstep. Many people associate themselves with this brand because it has a great reputation, numerous collections of strains (over 200 strains), guaranteed standards, and so much more.

MSNL is still supplying quality cannabis seeds consistently to date. With germination rates of about 90% to 100%, their products are renowned for being viable like no other strain.

Benefits of Marijuana Seeds NL

  • Great value for your money
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Every order comes with free seeds
  • The company supports several modes of payment
  • Highly experienced, having been in the industry for more than two decades

Drawbacks of Marijuana Seeds NL

  • International shipping takes quite long
  • Free delivery is offered when purchasing in bulk only
  • Its competitors provide more strain varieties to the market.


Seedsman is a widely recognized brand, and it offers a wide array of cannabis seeds. Having been in the market since 2003, the brand has become a trusted online store that consistently supplies cannabis seeds for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

It’s important to note that Seedsman does not grow its cannabis seeds. Instead, they sell the cannabis seeds on behalf of other providers. However, that doesn’t prevent them from availing some of their brand’s best quality cannabis seeds.

Benefits of Seedsman

  • Seedsman offers a loyalty program for its clients
  • Discreet packaging
  • Allows you to track your orders
  • Over 3000 strain varieties to choose from

Drawbacks of Seedsman

  • Shipping comes with additional charges
  • The seeds are quite expensive
  • Customer support is average

Crop King Seeds

Launched in 2005, this Canadian-based seed bank offers a wide selection of cannabis seeds. They offer a germination rate of 89% for all the products. More so, they provide reliable and secure shipping of your order.

Whether you’re looking for OG Kush Haze, Lamb’s Breath, White Widow, Sour Girl, or other familiar brands, they have something for everyone. Crop King Seeds supplies cannabis and CBD products that would be hard to find in other stores.

Benefits of Crop King Seeds

  • Orders above $200 are shipped free of charge
  • Allows a wide range of payment modes, including Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Straightforward user interface with several help features
  • Crop King supplies an enormous selection of seeds, including popular strains, customer blends, and rare seeds

Drawbacks of Crop King Seeds

  • The products are quite expensive as compared to rival seed banks
  • There are several negative reviews on their website

Final Thoughts

There are certainly plenty of more seed banks than those mentioned above. But these are the seed banks that have the perfect combination of reasonable prices, high-grade seeds, amazing deals, numerous modes of payment, great shipping options, impressive websites, and general value for money. Some weed delivery services offer a variety of cannabis products, including seeds, for those who want to try their hand at growing their own plants.