4 Ways To Get Help Paying For Expensive Medications

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Prescription Prices - Photo by: Chris Potter - Source: StockMonkeys.com

It’s a sad fact that millions of people from most parts of the world struggle to pay for prescription medications. Typically, your doctor can prescribe generic drugs cheaper than their brand-name counterparts. But for most people, a generic version is not the drug they need, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition.  

It can be scary to think that because you can no longer afford medication, you’re left to accept a lower quality of life and face medical uncertainty. But don’t give up because there’s still hope for you.   

In this article, we will talk about a few ways to get assistance to pay for your expensive medications.  

Patient Assistance Programs   

Patient assistance programs provide a safety net for those people who have no health insurance or are underinsured. These programs are typically offered by pharmaceutical companies such as AmeriPharma and similar ones. The goal of PAP is to provide medical assistance to patients who don’t have access to prescription medication for little or no cost.   

PAP offers free or low-cost access to medicine for people who can’t afford their medication. However, the benefits you can receive vary from program to program, and they also have different requirements you must comply with.   

It’s not hard to sign up for a patient assistance program. You can either call the company behind it or visit their website to sign up online. You need to submit essential documents and forms such as taxes and proof of residency to make you eligible. Lastly, patient assistance programs also limit how many benefits you can receive and how long it’ll last.   

Talk To Your Doctor   

The problem with most patients right now is that they can’t afford their prescription medication, and they’re too ashamed to admit it. However, you can always talk to your doctor about the cost of your medicines.   

If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness, chances are your physician has already seen that same condition from other patients too. Your doctor is also aware of the types of drugs that should be prescribed for your condition, especially their prices. Aside from that, doctors are always aware of the patients’ struggles in buying specialty medications for more complicated diseases such as leukemia and cancer.   

Ask how their other patients can afford prescriptions and check if the doctor’s office can offer you financial aid or connect you to a medical assistance program. 


Apply For Discounts Or Grants   

Aside from PAPs, drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies also offer prescription discounts and grants that help reduce the costs of expensive medications. Patients can apply directly for these once they prove their eligibility. Visit the websites of drugmakers and drug companies to learn how to avail yourself of these special promotions.   

Aside from browsing websites, you should also check if there’s a foundation or nonprofit dedicated to your disease or medical condition, as they may be able to offer you medical assistance.   

You might also want to do some research about the newest drugs on the market. Most of the time, medicines are expensive upon launch. They are also only available in their brand-name form, making them more expensive. Drug manufacturers offer coupons for people who can qualify by showing their health insurance or providing medical information. You can use this opportunity to get help to pay for the newest drugs that you need for your illness. They do this to entice customers to buy their medications. 

Health Insurance Plan   

Health insurance plans are there to protect you from high medical costs. That is why you need to get one if you want to get some assistance when it comes to buying prescription medications.   

However, not all health insurance plans are the same. Each has different policies. As such, you need to check if your current insurance plan is sufficient enough to pay for your medications. Because if not, it’s time for you to explore other options. Choose one with better drug coverage so you won’t have to worry anymore about paying for expensive drugs.   


Prescription medications can change and save your life. Unfortunately, some people cannot always afford them due to many circumstances. But as you can see, there are so many options for you to explore and save money on prescription medications. You only have to make a little effort to find ways so that you can buy your expensive medications. The key is to select which one works best for you. It’s a process, but it’s going to be worth it once you already have access to the medications you need.