4 Tips to Match your Eyewear with your Style


You know very well how much even a simple accessory can matter to make your outfit look even classier. Caring for your sight with the right lenses is vital, as much as the importance of healthcare can never be stressed enough. However, eyeglasses are not just a medical device but a fundamental accessory to improve your looks. Regardless of whether you need to match them with a formal dress, a business suit or more formal clothes, matching them with your style is critical to impress people around you. Finding the right glasses can be a hassle since you can now choose among a ton of different ones. Ideally, you would have a few dozen of pairs in different shapes, styles and colors to match each outfit, but since in reality you must choose just a couple of them, let’s see how to pick those that really fit you best.

Find the right eyewear for your lifestyle

The first thing that you should choose to grab the most appropriate pair of eyeglasses is the broader category they’re going to fall in. What kind of lifestyle do you prefer? If you are a person who sits in front of the computer for most of his time, you need a specific type of computer glasses which is comfortable enough, and that can prevent your eyes from becoming strained. If you’re a more active person who loves going to the beach and hiking, you need a robust pair with a flexible frame that can resist corrosion as well as bend and twist without breaking. If you’re a hipster or fashionable type you may want a vintage pair with a retro style that matches your personal dress code.

Value comfort over style

If your glasses keep sliding off your nose or leave reddened indents on your nose sides, you will look ugly and feel extremely awkward, killing the whole purpose of “looking cool.” It is then extremely important to find a pair that sits properly on your face and, if necessary, get them adjusted by a professional. Check if the nose pads are not too tight to prevent indents and if the frame arms are not bent too tightly around your ears to avoid annoying headaches.


Fit them with your face shape

The right frame must sit well on your face depending on your shape and look.

Oval Face

You should look for glasses that are thicker on the top with a strong bridge so they’re wider than the broadest part of your face. Butterfly shapes may add definition to your face as well as angular or geometric one. Just avoid oversized ones.

Round Face

Small or rimless frames will just highlight the roundness of your face making it look excessively… rotund. Rectangular or square frames will, instead, balance your natural features making your face appear slimmer and more elongate enhancing your look.

Square Face

At the opposite spectrum of an oval face, a square one can be enhanced by round or oval style with rounded edges. By softening the angularity of your face they will make it appear thinner and longer. Avoid frames which may draw unwanted attention to your angular features such as boxy or square frames, though.

Heart-Shaped Face

Colorful glasses or stylish frames with heavy decoration and embellished tops may draw too much attention to the forehead. Instead, choose frames that are thicker on the bottom to balance your pointed chin while narrowing the width of the forehead. Low-set temples, round glasses with curved edges and even rimless styles are good. Aviators, for example can look great on you because of the way they flare out at the bottom.

Matching colors is not so easy

You cannot have as many glasses as the actual number of clothes you’re going to wear. On the other hand, you do not need to match the color of your entire outfit to the color of your frame – otherwise, no one would ever buy yellow, pink or purple glasses. Instead, focus on matching their color with some other accessory such as a bracelet, earring, necktie or shoes.

Also, you may want to grab a color that matches your skin tone. For example, if your complexion is fair or cool try to pick frames with lighter colors such as blue, silver, gray or blue. If your skin has a darker tone or your complexion is warm, do not pick up pastel or solid black/white colors. Instead go for gold, olive or honey frames with brown shades.


Coordinating your eyeglass look it’s all but an easy feat since the presence of this accessory is always noticeable. We just provided you with a few hints and the basic know-how, but it’s ultimately up to you to find the ones you really feel comfortable wearing.