Deteriorating Habits – 4 Approaches to Break the Unhealthy Chain

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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how we operate in our day-to-day lives and has affected how we see health profoundly. Nowadays, we’re all much more focused on staying healthy and promoting a cleaner, healthier environment for others too. 

However, while we modify and change our everyday lives, there are still many habits that might be incredibly damaging for our health. When stacked up, these habits can have a long-lasting, adverse effect on our health. The worst part is, you might be unaware of the impact these habits have, or even what they are. 

If you find yourself questioning your routine now, we’re here to help out. Below, we’ll talk about some of the worst habits we follow. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how you can break the chain and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Excessive substance use

You might feel that reaching for the occasional glass of wine, a cigarette, or any other recreational drug every once in a while is no big deal. However, you may not realize when your recreational usage gets out of hand, and you end up developing an addiction. All recreational substances strongly influence our biology, and the release of pleasurable hormones causes increased dependency. Furthermore, as you continue with it, your body grows accustomed to the dosage, compelling you to consume more to achieve the same effect. Consequently, all of these factors combine to create a toxic drug habit.

However, while it may sound impossible to get out of this vicious cycle, you can put yourself on the road to recovery with the right interventions. Unfortunately, staying in the same environment where your addiction began can make it challenging to kick the habit. And you can fall prey to the same triggers repeatedly. 

Healthier Approach

In such a scenario, checking yourself into a rehab center can be the best choice. A rehab clinic can give you much-needed respite and the support you need to overcome your addiction. We advise readers to find a qualified team of therapists to help you get your life back on track.


When you’re stuck at home all day, it can be easy to overlook your health and embark on a binge eating episode. You might reach for that extra bag of chips for several reasons, unaware of the dire consequences of this bad habit. Perhaps, you feel increasingly bored after spending so long in one place that eating seems like an easy way to kill boredom. Or you might get so involved watching your favorite series that you don’t realize gulping down cans of soft drinks, chocolate bars, and potato crisps. 

While many are unaware of the devastating consequences of unhealthy binge eating, it can cause health issues in the long run. So, if you have a history of binging, you might experience heightened urges in this period.

Healthier Approach

It can be highly challenging to break this unhealthy habit. However, if you act fast and notice the signs before things get out of hand, you can make an excellent recovery. If you want to live healthier, it can be a great idea to toss out all the junk food and make room for more nutritious items. Furthermore, if you feel bored and need to reach for that bag of chips, finding a healthier way to pass the time can help. So, make a habit of keeping nutritious food items at home and find yourself a productive hobby to kill leisure time. 

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Too much screen time

Undoubtedly, many people spend hours and hours in front of screens, whether at work or at home. With little else to do, it can be easy to spend hours scrolling through your phone mindlessly. However, there are significant drawbacks to this habit. Using your phone too much can damage your social relations, vision, posture, and sleeping patterns. Your phones and laptops radiate blue light, which can damage your vision and sleeping patterns immensely.

Healthier Approach

Instead of reaching for your phone, you should go for a healthier alternative next time you’re feeling cagey. You can use all this extra time in pretty helpful ways, such as exploring a new hobby or learning a new skill. Much of the time we spend on the phone is spent mindlessly scrolling through our news feeds. Instead, you can learn a new instrument, practice painting, read, exercise, or bond with your loved ones. Once you get used to reducing screen time, you can focus on things that matter.

Sleeping with contacts on

If you have vision problems and don’t feel like putting your glasses on all the time, we get you. Contacts can be an excellent way to look your best without having to walk around partially blind. But there are some rules to adhere to when using your contact lens. The most important one is always to remember to take them out before you sleep. Additionally, contacts can lead to severe eye infections, corneal damage, surgery, and in worst scenarios, loss of vision. 

Healthier Approach

After a long, exhausting day, you may not feel like making an effort to remove and clean your contact lens. Plus, you might think it’s way too convenient to wake up with a perfect vision, rather than having to put in contacts each day. However, not doing so can cause immense problems and can damage your eyesight. To prevent corneal scarring and reduced vision, you need to take those extra two minutes and remove your contacts. A viable approach is to decide a duration for yourself for how long you can keep them on. This way, you’ll prevent further damage and have them on for a lesser time. 


These are some deteriorating habits that can immensely damage your health with time. They may seem too inconsequential to have an effect, but they can prove incredibly detrimental over the years. 

Adhering to these changes can help you live a healthier, fuller life, where you experience fewer problems. Furthermore, it can help you encourage a better lifestyle for your family too. So, monitor the minor unhealthy habits in your life and gauge their long-term devastating effects to steer clear of them.