4 Alternative Pre-workout Energy Sources for Athletes

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Whether you’re a professional athlete or just very passionate about fitness, making the most of each workout session is one of your top priorities. However, in case you find yourself struggling with a lack of energy, then you know that your performance will likely be subpar and perhaps even lead to an increased risk of an injury. In such instances, athletes will evaluate their own fitness strategy to make sure their training is designed specifically for their needs, to avoid exhaustion and overwhelming amounts of training volume, frequency, or intensity.

Once you establish your plan is on point, you can move on to improving your energy with the help of a targeted pre-workout plan. Before you kick-start your next workout session, you can try some of the following tips for improving your energy levels and ensuring that you’ll have ample vigor to complete your training with ease.

Tweak your pre-workout meal

Eating too much is never a great idea for an athlete getting ready to exercise. However, giving your best on an empty stomach is hardly a worthy alternative. For optimal energy levels, you need to take a closer look at your menu. Choosing the right ingredients means that you should listen to your body and change the amount of food you consume and the type of foods you eat.

For example, a balanced intake of protein, carbs, and some healthy fats is a great way to keep yourself satiated without overburdening your stomach. Give your body enough time to process the food, so it’s best to consume your, for example, protein shake, an hour or two before your training. Then again, if you’d like something heavier such as a sandwich, give your body two to three hours to digest.

A powerful supplement

There are many reasons why athletes rely on supplementation, one of them being to ensure that their diet is perfectly tailored to their needs and that their bodies have precisely the right nutrients in order to perform during their workouts. Sometimes it’s difficult to get all of your energy-boosters from food alone, so using the best pre-workout supplement containing powerful ingredients such as caffeine or creatine is much more optimal.

Add to that, modern-day supplements are designed to provide sustained energy, and not lead to a fast energy drop quickly after you consume it. In fact, you can rest assured that a well-made addition to your diet can mean the difference between making the most of each workout session and struggling with a lack of energy.

Get ample sleep the night before

You already know that getting enough rest means protecting your cardiovascular health, but this single habit has an even greater potential to help you be more productive during your training sessions. Sleep is one of the key pillars of health and wellbeing, and it’s a prerequisite for any fitness endeavor, even if you’re not prepping for a competition, but only getting ready for your regular weekly workout. In both cases, your body needs at least those fundamental eight hours of sleep every night, otherwise you risk exhaustion, burnout, and lack of focus.

The ultimate way to preserve your energy for your training session every day is to actually get enough rest, preferably not just the evening before, but on a regular basis. Paired with optimized nutrition and hydration, sleep is the one source of energy your body cannot compensate for when it’s time to hit the weights, or perform any other strenuous activity.

Use music as your fuel

Research has shown that music is indeed a very strong stimulant for athletes in terms of being a source of motivation, a great way to increase your energy levels, and push your stamina and endurance. Of course, it all depends on the type of training you intend to perform, your training frequency, as well as your musical preferences.

Combining inspirational tunes that have a good rhythm can actually help you focus during your training, elevate your heart rate more easily, and keep you pushing for the same beat when you perform those repetitions at the gym. Music can also help you keep up a good tempo on the treadmill or the running track, so it’s a good option when you don’t feel too inspired to push yourself on your own.


Every athlete is different, and you will find that different combinations of tactics and approaches will work best for each individual, hence the need to look for solutions that are uniquely effective for you. This is a list of some of the most commonly used options for many fitness enthusiasts that you can use to your advantage and ensure that each workout session is infused with ample energy to give it your best every day.