3 Inspiring Ways to Move on After an Injury

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The impact of an injury can be short-term, long-term, minor, major, temporary or, in some cases, permanent. Sometimes you may have to make some changes for a little while as you recover. In other cases, you may have to change things for the inevitable future.

In cases where your injury has had a significant impact on your life, it is essential not to lose faith and stay positive. With that in mind, here are three inspiring ways to move on after an injury.

1.    Don’t give up on your passions

Whatever your passion, do not let your injury prevent you from embracing it. If your injury means you can no longer physically take part, then look into other ways you can still be involved. Sports player? Look into coaching opportunities. Craftsperson? Explore new mediums in which to be creative that are more suited to your circumstances.

Whether you adapt your existing hobbies or you let your injury help you to discover brand new exciting possibilities, there are many inspiring stories of recovery that can motivate and inspire:

  • The one-armed surfer – Bethany Hamilton of Hawaii was famously attacked by a shark, losing her arm. She bravely returned to the water, one-armed and continues to enjoy her passion for the waves.
  • The skier turned pilot – Janine Shepherd was an Olympics-bound skier when she had an injury that left her paralyzed. Skiing was over for her, but rather than fall she decided to fly, and trained to become a pilot. On top of this, she is now an inspiring motivational speaker and published author.
  • The beauty blogger – Californian Kaitlyn Dobrow had all four limbs amputated in order to survive meningitis. She now uses prosthetic limbs to wield her lipsticks and continues to blog about beauty against all the odds.

There are many more inspiring stories out there where people have shown determination and refused to let their injuries stop them from doing what they love.

2.    Don’t let it stop you from being you

It is equally important not to let your injury stop you from being you. Don’t shy away from social occasions or alienate yourselves from friends and family. If you can’t get out to dinner, bring the dinner to you and have friends over for a takeaway. Don’t prevent your loved ones from giving you some assistance and enabling you to do more. They love you and want to help. Embrace their help and live life a little fuller because of it.

The same applies to your finances. Don’t let pride prevent you from getting the help you may be entitled to; you may be due compensation following an accident. You should be forward in contacting The Compensation Experts who can help you secure it. Keeping abreast of your finances is crucial for you and your family. If your injury has left you with a new budget, due to time off work or medical expenses, then managing this effectively and seeking additional support will allow you to adjust to your new means without compromising everything you enjoy.

3.    Don’t let your injury define you

Finally, do not let your injury define you. You are not your injury. You cannot change what has happened to you, but you do not need to let it shape who you are as a person. Learn from what has happened and adapt. You can still be involved, and you can still give it your all.

If you combine your talents with sheer determination and willpower, you can be a force to be reckoned with. The most inspiring thing you can do after an injury is to accept it. Own it; do not let ‘it’ own you.