3 Diet Trends Worth Looking Into for 2022

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Dieting isn’t a new concept but it can be intimidating for many people. If you have a weight loss goal for 2022, it can be difficult to pick which diet will help to get you the results you’re after. Which will be the most effective? Which is the healthiest? Which will give you the fastest results? The problem is that there is no one-size solution for all; instead, it may require you to use several tips.

To help kick-start your health goals, here are three diet trends worth looking into for 2022. They could provide you with the solution you’re after.

High Protein-Low Carb Diet

This particular trend has been proving popular the last couple of years, attracting a wide variety of people. The idea is that you will feel full thanks to the types of foods you’re eating. At the same time, you’ll be able to lose weight. This is a huge draw, as many people don’t respond well to strict portion controls that leave them hungry.

Just as the name implies, the emphasis is on high protein foods and very few carbs. Some people erroneously refer to it as the Keto diet, but that’s not the case. What’s important to note is that this style of diet isn’t recommended for the long term. It can help you in the short-term to reach your goal, but it shouldn’t be the diet you stick to.

Mediterranean Diet

Not every diet out there has the research to back it up, but the Mediterranean diet is embraced by many healthcare professionals. It can help you to lose weight, but it also can help to improve your cardiovascular health – which is extremely important.

With this diet, it’s not about counting your calories or cutting back on your portion sizes; instead, it is about the foods you eat. The Mediterranean diet includes such items as:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seafood
  • Whole grains
  • Beans
  • Olive oil
  • Herbs and spices for flavour

As you can see, it takes a well-balanced approach to eating.

Try Intermittent Fasting

If you want to step away from the traditional diet and make a lifestyle change instead, then intermittent fasting could be ideal. Looking to live a healthier lifestyle? Learn more about intermittent fasting and all its benefits, as it is much more than just a weight loss solution for people. In this sense, it can be much more effective than dieting. 

Intermittent fasting can improve your overall health and your physical performance. It can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, prompt cellular repair, help prevent certain diseases and much more. This is the kind of thing you don’t embrace for just a few weeks until you hit a weight loss goal;  it is meant to be a long-term solution that you commit to following.

Take Control of Your Health and Weight in 2022

If you want to take control of your health and weight in 2022, these dieting trends and tips could be the solution. Remember, it will take dedication and patience, as you can’t expect overnight results. It’s also bound to be a bit difficult at first until your new healthy habits become a daily routine.