10 Essential CBD Facts

Source: Hinterland co.

As global legalization of cannabis continues to become widespread across many states and countries, there are several things you want to know about this herb.

1.  Cannabidiol

A cannabis plant is made up of more than 60 different cannabis compounds, and all of these are categorized under the label “cannabinoids.” Cannabidiol (or CBD) is extremely common, as THC is known to have psychoactive properties, which gives cannabis the “high” effect.

2. CBD Does Not Get You High

Unlike THC, CBD will not get you high – which is why it’s becoming an increasingly popular medical choice. THC links itself to the CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors located in your brain to achieve this effect. CBD does not, hence why you don’t get high.

3. No Prescription Necessary

Prescriptions are not required to order to buy CBD flowers from https://cbdvapejuice.net/cbd-drip/cbd-flower/ online. If you are purchasing CBD from medicinal marijuana plants, you’ll need both a prescription and live in a legalized state.

4. Hemp CBD is Legal

CBD is produced from either industrial CBD genesis bud or certain marijuana strains. While federal law prohibits marijuana, certain states – Colorado, for example – have more relaxed laws. However, industrial hemp is legal, so it can be shipped into the U.S. from elsewhere. Therefore this is the simplest way for customers to obtain CBD.

5. CBD and THC Levels Vary from Plant to Plant

Depending on the plant in question, CBD and THC levels will vary. Those using marijuana for medicinal purposes prefer plants with higher CBD levels, whereas those used for recreational purposes are likely to opt for plants with higher THC levels. Hemp Flower tends to have minimal THC.

6. Medicinally Beneficial

Extensive research has shown that there are medicinal advantages in CBD. In 2013, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that CBD delivers pain relief, is an anti-inflammatory, boosts appetite, and works as an anti-oxidant. The study also showed that nausea and vomiting could be reduced.

7. May Tackle Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, CBD wax can be effective in preventing cancer from spreading by killing off cells. The study tested CBD’s effects in combating a number of cancers, from the lung to breast.

8. Limits THC Impact

CBD works to cancel out the downsides associated with THC. Memory issues that would be THC-induced are stopped thanks to CBD. This cannabinoid is also effective in stopping both paranoia and anxiety, as found by the British Journal of Psychiatry.

9. Improves the Mind

As well as having positive physical effects, CBD can be psychologically beneficial, too – it acts as an anti-psychotic. The cannabinoid tackles both anxiety and depression, both short and long-term, amongst both severe and occasional sufferers.

10. Helping to Prevent Child Seizures

Children suffering from uncontrollable seizures have found it difficult to find the appropriate treatment that works. But recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved university researchers to test whether a pure CBD strain can stop these seizures.

This treatment is being tested on children – from 1 to 18 – many have Dravet Syndrome, and all of them are currently not getting the help they need from traditional methods.

The FDA has agreed to study the testing alongside the Drug Enforcement Agency, and should CBD prove to be effective. It could become a widespread seizure treatment in the decades to come.