Сelebrities Who Used Donor Eggs


Egg donation is becoming an increasingly common way to grow a family, with tens of thousands of families using egg bank services each year. Additionally, while many families want to keep their decision to use donor eggs a secret, some famous people have made inferences or talked outright about their own experiences.

The fact is that many more celebrities than we realize have utilized donor eggs to start their families. It is their personal choice, and they might prefer to keep it quiet. Or perhaps parents want their kids to have the chance to learn and share information by themselves before internet strangers find out.

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    4. Perez Hilton
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 ART In the Public Eye

The prospect of utilizing donor eggs is overwhelming for almost everyone. We believe reading about well-known people who underwent comparable experiences might be beneficial. Promoting the advantages of egg donation to their audiences is a public duty, and we are delighted to highlight a few below. 

Here are some famous parents that utilized egg donors to have children:

 Jimmy Fallon & Nancy Juvonen Fallon

 Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy, were open about their decision to use surrogacy, although they did not reveal their news until the child was born. Winnie Rose, their daughter, was born in 2013.

The couple attempted to become pregnant for five years without success. “We tried a bunch of things. Anyone who has tried will know. It is just awful,” he stated, “So, we had a surrogate.” Frances Cole, their second daughter, was welcomed to the family in 2014 through a surrogate.

Cristiano Ronaldo

 Cristiano Ronaldo has 240 million Instagram followers and is one of the highest-paid sportsmen in the world. On the other hand, Ronaldo’s “off-the-field” activities also captivate football fans.

In October 2021, the football player and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, announced on Instagram that they were expecting two new babies for their family. Alana Martina’s mother is Georgina; however, the identities of his other two children’s mothers are still unknown. They had twins, Eva and Mateo Ronaldo, via a surrogate mother in June 2017.

 Derek Kaplan & Fredrik Eklund

 Derek Kaplan and Fredrik Eklund welcomed twin boys via surrogacy in 2017. When Kaplan and Eklund decided to declare that Fredrik is the biological father to Milla and Derek is Fredrik Jr.’s father for the first time, they talked openly about the advantages and challenges of fatherhood.

The parents-to-be have chosen to conceal the identity of their surrogate and egg donor to preserve their privacy. Even after several miscarriages, the couple expressed their pleasure at finally becoming parents to the twins.

Infertility treatment and IVF

Perez Hilton

 Perez Hilton utilized an egg donor to conceive his three children, and one of the main reasons he picked her was that she seemed decent. Perez Hilton became a father for the third time in October 2017 when Mayte Amor was born through a surrogate.

Mayte has two elder siblings, Mario (born in 2013) and Mia Alma (born in 2015). The same surrogate used her eggs to create his children, and he served as their biological father in every case.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

 In 2010, the “How I Met Your Mother” star and his partner, David Burtka, brought twins Harper and Gideon into the world. They are upfront about having their twins via the utilization of an egg donor.

The couple created embryos with each of their sperm, and the family has decided not to identify which child comes from whose sperm. Neil and David announced the surrogate birth of their twins on Twitter.

 Camille Guaty

 Camille Guaty, a US actress who has appeared in “Prison Break” and “Good Doctor”, had a donor-egg pregnancy. In her late 30s, she was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve. Together with her husband, Sy Rhys Kay, she endured five failed IVF treatments utilizing her eggs.

Sadly, their first donor-egg cycle failed, so they searched for a new donor. The procedure was successful despite having just one viable embryo to transfer on her second attempt.

Tina Malone

Tina Malone, the “Shameless” actress, hit the headlines when she confirmed her success with donor eggs in Cyprus. She went through a tough regimen to get healthy before the donor-egg cycle, substantially decreasing her weight, stopping smoking, and limiting her job responsibilities.

Even though she had pre-eclampsia (a risk factor for older donor-egg patients), she gave birth to her daughter Flame at 50.

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Delayed Motherhood

 Nowadays, when there is no universally recognized typical age for the first pregnancy, fifty years ago, women gave birth to children no later than 20–25 years old. Delayed motherhood is a phenomenon that might be caused by family, career, or financial concerns.

Celebrities are experiencing the same thing. Many people wonder how celebrities over 40 become pregnant, but the majority of the time, the answer is that they employ a surrogate or an egg donor.

 Celebrities Who Have Had Children After 45

 The chances of getting pregnant naturally after age 45, even with IVF, are only 5% (vs. 1% at age 50). Pregnancy after age 45 usually indicates that the mother has frozen eggs from a younger self or an egg donor.

So, here is a brief list of famous people who became parents after the age of 45:

  • Savannah Guthrie, 45
  • Jane Kaczmarek, 46
  • Halle Berry, 47
  • Cameron Diaz, 47
  • Holly Hunter, 47
  • Rachel Weisz, 48
  • Hilary Swank, 48
  • Beverly D’Angelo, 49
  • Laura Linney, 49
  • Janet Jackson, 50
  • Naomi Campbell, 50 
  • Hoda Kotb, 52
  • Nichole Kidman, 53
  • Salma Hayek, 54
  • Naomi Watts, 54

 Normalize Issues

Many celebrities, including Emma Thompson, Michelle Obama, Courtney Cox, Brooke Shields, and others, have talked openly about the IVF treatment utilizing their eggs. Donor eggs, however, are seldom ever discussed. Experts like Ovogene are aware of the difficulties you are going through: deciding to undergo donor egg treatment is a significant responsibility, so we may all remain silent if we choose to.

On the other hand, when famous people publicly discuss using donor eggs and IVF, it normalizes the process for others and helps several other families. Celebrities are among the tens of thousands of couples who use egg donation each year to conceive children. According to the statistics, we may estimate that many people over 45 utilize frozen eggs to have a baby. 

Nevertheless, whether your children are the result of a donor’s biomaterials or your frozen eggs from years ago, you should not be ashamed since it is your life and your particular path to achieving the dream of starting a family.