Customizing Blister Packs for Better Branding and Product Display

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If you are an FMCG producer or a pharmaceutical kingpin, then chances of you considering packaging options are always on the roll. Packaging has a crucial role to play in the marketing game, where mere packaging can win or lose customers. 

Amongst the multitude of packaging options, blister packs always emerge as winners for all the right reasons. This article discusses how customized blister packaging can aid in better branding and product display.

What are Blister Packs?

Blister packs are a packaging solution consisting of a pre-formed plastic cavity that securely holds a product, often with a transparent backing. This packaging method has gained popularity across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and consumer goods. Blister packs offer several distinct advantages, making them a preferred choice for many businesses. Not only are they versatile and effective, but they are also eco-friendly.

Role of Branding

No matter how hard you try, a good product with pitiable packaging goes nowhere. Packaging highly impacts the branding of a product. A brand image not only talks about the quality and utility of a product but encapsulates the entire product experience, including the packaging. Imagine if we had toothpaste in boxes instead of tubes. Think of the pain we have to go through every morning! There are people who choose one brand over the other for the mere benefit of convenient packaging. That is the power of ideal packaging and its impact on brand image.

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Winning Product Display

When was the last time you wished you could take a look at the product that you are going to buy? You liked the pack, but what about the product? Is the color, size, or features in line with my needs? Blister packaging is the solution for such unhappy product encounters. Not only do the manufacturers get a space to talk about their products, but they also show the potential buyers what is inside the package.

The transparent pack allows customers to see the product without opening them. As a result, consumers can assess the item’s quality, features, and product information, all while the product remains securely in the packaging. This level of visibility attracts buyers and instills trust in the brand.

Customizing Blister Packs

One of the standout features of blister packs is their adaptability to customization. Businesses can tailor blister pack designs to align seamlessly with their brand identity. Customization options abound, including selecting the size and shape of the blister, choosing specific colors that resonate with the brand, and crafting unique designs that catch the consumer’s eye.

Types of Blister Packaging

Blister packs offer diverse options, catering to the specific needs and branding strategies of various businesses and products.

  • Clamshell blister packs provide a secure and tamper-evident design, making them popular for packaging electronics and small consumer goods.
  • Slide blister packs, on the other hand, provide easy access to the product while maintaining visibility, making them suitable for items like batteries or USB drives.
  • Face-seal blister packs offer a clean and seamless front surface, perfect for showcasing pharmaceuticals and healthcare products with informative labeling.
  • For retail displays, trap blister packs are designed to hang conveniently on store pegs, making them ideal for small items like toys and cosmetics.
  • Carded blister packs combine a blister cavity with a printed card, allowing for detailed product information and branding.

Choosing the right packaging promotes the look and marketability of your product.

Materials and Printing Techniques

To achieve the desired branding and product display, business owners can choose from various materials for blister packs. Each type has its unique properties. Additionally, advanced printing techniques enable brands to create high-quality, visually appealing packaging. Vivid colors, crisp graphics, and intricate designs can all be incorporated into blister pack printing.


Blister packs are more than just a packaging solution. They are a strategic tool for branding and product display. Their versatility, transparency, and customization options make them a powerful choice for businesses seeking to make a lasting impression on consumers and strengthen their brand identity. By harnessing the unique features of blister packs, companies can not only enhance their products but also create a packaging experience that leaves a lasting mark in the minds of customers.