Online Physio Treatment: The Future is Here

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The world is connected by invisible waves of data, the Internet spawned the Internet of Things (IoT) and no sector has benefitted more than healthcare. Indeed, the pandemic saw the emergence of telehealth; using VoIP technology, the healthcare provider can share a video call with the patient. Many GPs now offer virtual consultations and it isn’t only doctors that offer this service; top physios are delivering their services via Zoom meetings. 

Physio Services

Let’s look at Bangkok Physiotherapy Center, a leading practice that offers a range of services with qualified physiotherapists who have sessions with their clients in person or in a virtual setting. 

The following are available:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back issues
  • Joint pain
  • Office syndrome

They also offer post-injury recovery, which many athletes rely on when they suffer an injury, and this can be delivered via a Zoom call. Life becomes very convenient when you can receive healthcare in your office or home.

How Does a Virtual Physio Session Work?

The system is very user-friendly, you first book your virtual physio session using the online calendar; the day before the appointment, a receptionist makes contact and shows you how to download the Zoom application and set it up on your digital device; a few minutes before the scheduled physio session, you will receive an email and when you click on the link, you are taken to your secure Zoom connection with the physio.

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Audio-Video Solutions

Using the camera and the microphone, the physio can demonstrate specific movements and then check as you go through the exercises. A quiet corner is ideal for the virtual physio session, with adequate floorspace to carry out exercises, plus you will receive a recording of the session via email, so that you can go through the session as many times as you wish. 

Learning About your Body

A physio does a lot more than treating painful conditions; he or she teaches the patient about their body, which is empowering and this knowledge stays with you throughout your life. This includes exercises to perform before and after a workout and anything the physio deems you should know, in relation to your condition. There are preventative measures that you can take when in chronic pain; the physio believes in natural healing, rather than relying on medication; it takes many years to qualify as a physiotherapist and they fully understand the skeletal-muscular system and how it works.

Post-Injury Treatment

When you suffer a sports injury, you might be unsure about when you can start training and what you should avoid; a short virtual consultation with a physio is really all you need. Search online for a physio practice near you that offers virtual consultations and get a professional opinion of the injury and the best way to deal with it. 

The human body is a very complex creation of nature and when issues occur with bones or muscles, the physio is the person to see.