Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue – Learn to Manage Them

anxious woman

Anxiety can make you irritable, upset, and nervous. Someone with anxiety disorder can constantly live on the edge and feel drained of energy. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that chronic fatigue and anxiety often accompany each other. If you feel angry most of the time, you must check with your physician. Chronic fatigue can occur due to chronic fatigue syndrome or medicine’s side effects. Your health expert will need to determine your case’s trigger points. If they don’t find any other underlying medical condition, the reason for your stress and fatigue can be an undiagnosed anxiety illness.

Anxiety disorder 

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) affects millions of the American adult population. They suffer from fatigue, fast heartbeat, fear, worry, lack of concentration, restlessness, sweating, disturbed sleep, chest pain, and memory problems. GAD is just one type of anxiety issue. Other forms of an anxiety disorder include panic, social anxiety, separation anxiety, phobia, etc. Interestingly, mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress and obsessive-compulsive disorder are similar to anxiety.

Anxiety to chronic fatigue

Do anxiety and chronic fatigue coexist? If you look closely, any anxiety disorder can be exhausting as it burns so much energy while churning feelings of worry and fear. All these increase stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, leading to mental and physical fatigue. Since the body is constantly switching between fight and flight mode, the stress response gets high. Although these are basic survival instincts, a patient with an anxiety disorder may have to deal with it several times a day, which reduces their energy and makes them tired.

Signs of chronic anxiety and fatigue

Whether fatigue has caused anxiety or anxiety is the culprit for your feeling of exhaustion, these disorders can impair your daily activities. After all, fear eats into your energy and doesn’t make you feel emotionally stable. Hyperstimulation increases your stress levels. A patient with panic disorder can be more familiar with this scenario. The co-existence of these disorders can manifest as a lack of sound sleep, poor appetite, mood swings, burnout, etc. No matter what, you need to manage these conditions to improve your life, and natural medicine can help in this matter.

Why should you seek an alternative medicine path?

Stress can ruin your mental and physical wellness, causing different health complications. Holistic therapies can reduce your stress and calm your mind. Consequently, your fatigue and anxiety levels may get better. One of the good examples can be yoga. It can deeply relax your body and mind, reducing fatigue and anxiety. Meditation is another vital tool that can check your stress and, thereby, relieve your feeling of tiredness and fear. When you meet a specialist, they will guide you on everything that can help your health.

Many don’t care about their health. When they feel anxious or tired, they associate it with some or other factors without considering the duration of such occurrences or their impact on their lives unless the situation worsens. Please prioritize your wellness, and before anything takes a specific shape and form, get yourself checked.