Why A Doctor’s Visit Should be a Priority After A Car Accident

car accident

Car accidents attract a wide range of emotions. It could be anger towards a reckless driver that caused the accident; you could be scared by the fact that your life flashed right before your eyes, or you could be shocked and confused.

If you are considerably stable, it is highly recommended to call the police and report the accident. Also, despite the confusion and mixture of emotions, you should never miss a doctor’s appointment, and here is why.    

1. To avoid the escalation of injuries

Often after an accident, the victims feel pain hours later. Delaying your visit to a health practitioner could mask potential serious issues. Headaches may appear harmless initially and may be remedied with painkillers, but they could be the beginning of more severe problems.

Most are the times that people ignore checkups only to realize that they have blood clots later. You may also miss clues on broken bones, but it is something professionals will never miss. Avoid the escalation of issues by getting treatment earlier on. 

Please do not wait until they develop into expensive conditions to treat or, worse still, irreversible. 

2. Delays can affect your claim

If you are looking to file a claim against the other party, you need to prioritize treatment. Note that it takes proof for insurance companies to give you a settlement. Exceeding two weeks without getting treatment will put you at risk.

The insurance company may suggest that your injuries could be resulting from different accidents from the one you are claiming. The defendant can also say that the pain has been present and was not caused by the accident. 

Another question that might come up is why you didn’t see a doctor earlier. You can avoid legal issues by seeing your doctor as soon as possible. It would be best if you had medical records ready when filing the claim. You are more likely to be settled fairly if you can prove that the accident caused the injuries.

3. Verse yourself with future treatment plans

Depending on the severity of your injuries, it may take some time before you get completely healed. Note that when you have an accident, your finances will be involved too. Visiting a professional will help you know how long you will be receiving treatment and how much it will cost you in the long run.

This will be critical for planning on how much compensation you will be requesting from the insurance company and if there will be out-of-pocket expenses. 

4. It will provide crucial evidence for a lawsuit

The amount of compensation you get during a claim is highly dependent on how strong your suit is. What makes a lawsuit rigid is the kind of evidence available. While you will take photos from the scene, get a report from the police, getting a medical report will cement the case. 

A doctor will help you spot some of the health risks that you may not be able to see, which will ensure that you are completely covered. This is what you ultimately need to support your case and get fair compensation.


Accidents are not planned for, and they occur when you least expect them. Therefore, it might be tempting to decide to go home and rest or proceed with your usual schedule. Spare a few hours to get a thorough checkup as soon as possible.

Failure to do so increases the risk of minor injuries developing into serious issues. They may be more expensive to treat, and the longer you wait, the weaker your lawsuit will be.