What To Do After Suffering A Catastrophic Injury

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Accidents may result in different injuries and these can be mild, severe, or fatal. One of the most devastating damages a person can suffer after an accident are catastrophic injuries like brain trauma, spinal cord misalignment, and bone fracture. 

A personal injury lawyer will be essential in cases like this. Law firms like the Novato Personal Injury Attorney offer this service for residents of California, particularly in the North Bay area. They can assist you with accidents that may have resulted in catastrophic injuries. North Bay residents are prone to land and water accidents, so having an experienced attorney can improve their chances of claiming total compensation. 

Catastrophic injuries are serious that may result in long-term or permanent damage to a person. While a person cannot foresee accidents, it is not an excuse to not know their rights. 

Suffering from a catastrophic injury is like losing a part of yourself. Aside from the physical pain, you’ll have to deal with psychological and emotional traumas. These repercussions could lead to a permanent disability that could change how you function daily. A person can file for a catastrophic injury lawsuit or enter into a settlement. Either way, they can recover compensation for the damages incurred due to the life-threatening event. 

Types of catastrophic injuries

There are different types of catastrophic injuries, but these are the most common. Learn more about them in the discussion below. 

Spinal cord damage

An injury to the spinal cord is one of the worst traumas a person could experience. It can cause permanent paralysis, depending on which part was affected. It can either be quadriplegia or paraplegia. Quadriplegia is when a person loses the ability to move all four limbs. Usually, this happens when the neck area is damaged. Paraplegia, on the other hand, is when the lower body parts are affected. It can affect one or both legs, toes, or feet. It may also include injury on the person’s abdomen.

Traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injury can be mild or severe. Its effects can be categorized as catastrophic injuries. However, determining if a person has TBI can be complicated and require a doctor’s assistance. In this case, the attending physician might need medical imaging to ascertain the scope of the damage. The most common long-term effects of TBI are memory loss and physical weakening. It could also involve persistent dizziness and mental conditions like depression and personality change. 

Workplace injury

Severe bone fracture

A bone fracture can result from the accident. You can suffer from it even if you’re walking. On the other hand, severe cases include bone puncturing the skin. Severe injuries are usually considered catastrophic, affecting the person’s movement even after the fractures have already healed. Doctors could suggest excision if the area damage is beyond healing, making the victim permanently disabled. 

Internal organ damage

Like TBI, internal organ damage is challenging to assess and may require several tests before tagging as a catastrophic injury. The impacts of the accident can damage a person’s liver and other organs. The victim may also suffer from internal bleeding. If not attended right away, this damage could be fatal. 

Steps to take after suffering from a catastrophic injury

Permanent disability is hard to accept, mainly affecting the victim’s mobility, livelihood, and daily routine. However, if someone else’s negligence caused the damage, the victim can recover damages to answer for all the injuries and sufferings.  

If the doctor diagnosed the person suffering from a catastrophic injury, the latter needs to report the incident to the police. In on-road accidents, police officers are immediately present. However, if it happens in a workplace or a private location, they need to call them. This should be done right away to investigate and collect evidence to support the victim’s claim. 

Call your lawyer

Aside from the authorities, the victim should also contact their personal injury lawyer to assist them further. Your legal representative will ensure that all needed evidence is collected and reported. They will also advise if the victim is entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. 

Knowing and understanding your rights will always be the most significant advantage in these circumstances. To help vindicate yourself, call your lawyer as soon as possible.