What Are Some Common Injuries at a Pool?


With a swimming pool, it can be a lot of fun but a lot of responsibility too. The pool can be the site of plenty of accidents if the right steps are not taken. It is a pool owner’s responsibility to make sure that a pool is made as safe as possible for adults and children alike. If they do not, then that owner becomes accountable for any accidents that do occur as a result. The kinds of accidents that happen at pools range from minor bruises to serious breaks and even death if serious enough. Common pool injuries are simple to understand and dangerous if precautions are not made to stop them.


Being electrocuted at a pool is a more common accident than you may think. This may be because of faulty wiring or the ground cable not being connected or grounded. In these cases, it is often the result of the wiring being old or the cables being plugged in by some who is not an electrician. Lack of experience can lead to missed dangers and anyone swimming becoming the ground for incoming electricity. In order to prevent electrocution, any metal in and around a pool needs to be bonded and grounded accordingly to stop electricity from flowing outwards. Early signs of being electrically shocked include a tingling sensation followed by paralysis. You can spot a shock victim when they are either trying to move away from the sensation or locked in place. In which case, the power to the pool should be shut off and the victims immediately taken out of the water.

Slipping and Falling

The simplest form of injury is no joke and can lead to some very dangerous injuries of the person falls in the wrong spot. There are strict guidelines for building pools but when they are not followed it can lead to multiple incidents. It is easy to lose your fitting around a pool with the water making the ground so slippery and it is made even worse with toys and furniture. But the worst part is the fact that the edge of a pool is not typically the softest material. They are often hard plastic, metal, or stone, and slipping and hitting this edge can result in broken bones, lacerations, concussion, or even severe brain injury.

Pool Drain Accidents

A pool drain accident happens when a drain’s suction drags in a victim’s hair, jewelry, bathing suit, or even their body parts. These drains can create hundreds of pounds of pressure on a victim and lead to fatal injuries like broken bones, lacerations, internal organ damage, drowning, brain damage, evisceration, and disembowelment. Any and all pool owners will need to make sure that their drain covers are secured and, if not, the pool is closed until it is fixed.

What to Do After an Injury?

If a loved one or you yourself are a victim of pool injury, it should be a top priority to get legal representation to help you get reparations for your injury. Negligent pool owners are the reason for many pool injuries, but the cost of their negligence should not be your comfort and safety. Speak to a legal representative and more at lipcon.com to come to terms with your injury and learn more about what your next steps should be.