Richmond Car Accidents: Attorney Common Personal Injury Cases

car accident

Vehicular accidents are the leading cause of injuries, even deaths. Most people who got hurt in a car crash suffer severe injuries, from getting involved in a heavy collision.

Other common car crash injuries are tear and cut injuries from torn metal and broken glass. In a rollover accident, the car’s driver and passenger might be tossed around and injured from all different directions or can even be thrown out of the car.

Richmond is just one of the cities in Virginia where car accidents are common. While car accident injuries can differ from crash to crash and from person to person, there are still some common ones.

Here are five of the most common car accident injuries in Richmond according to a Richmond Personal injury attorney that an individual might suffer after the car crash.

Cuts and Scrapes

In an accident, any loose object inside the auto might immediately become projectiles. It includes coffee mugs, cell phones, purses, books, eyeglasses, dash-mounted GPS systems, etc. If any of these objects hit the body, they can easily cut the skin or can even result in other injuries.

Sometimes, these cuts and scrapes are just minor injuries and don’t require any medical treatment. For more critical injuries which led to blood loss, might need stitches.

Chest Injuries

One of the common results of car accidents is chest injuries. These type of injuries usually take the form of bruises or contusions, but it can be much worse, from internal injuries or broken ribs.

Drivers mostly experience chest injuries because of their usual position behind the steering wheel, that only allows just a bit of freedom to move before the chest hits the steering wheel.

If the person’s body is tossed forward in a crash,  even though it doesn’t impact the dashboard or steering wheel, the chest will still feel a significant level of force against the seat belt or shoulder harness, which might result in severe bruising.

Head Injuries

There are different forms of head injuries. If lucky, there are minor injuries, but others are quite serious. The vehicle’s change in direction or sudden stop often causes the head of the driver or passengers to experience unexpected and unnatural movements.

The Impact from the steering wheel or with a side window can cause bruises and scrapes to the head, or even deep cuts. In a much severe accident, impacts can result in a closed head injury. When that happens, the tissue and fluid inside the skull might be damaged because of the sudden movement or impact of the head.

Less critical closed head injuries can cause concussions, while the most severe impacts can result in brain damage.


Even if people are careful, they may still find themselves in an accident due to another driver’s carelessness. Some injuries might heal in a matter of days without any medical treatment at all, but some severe injuries might become permanent or can cause physical disability. A car accident can change the life of a person in an instant. So if you had a car accident in Richmond and suffer bad injuries that’s life impacting, make sure to consult a Richmond Personal injury attorney right away.

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