Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


Riding a motorcycle is a major transportation method in Denver. Motorcycles are used for different purposes, from leisure to getting to and from work. This is because it is exciting and cost-effective to get around. Riders can also face more challenges and risks while on the road than other passengers in motor vehicles. This is due to the lack of a protective structure that can take up the collision, which is impacted by the rider’s body, and the weight of passenger vehicles is described as ten times the motorcycles. Due to the increase in population and traffic density, it has also caused a rise in motorcycle accidents. This accident can also be prevented by probable factors such as drivers’ attention.

In case of a crash, it means that there is a higher rate of injuries and fatalities. It is important to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in case an accident happens due to someone else’s negligence. This is because you can be helped with financial recovery. Contacting experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can also help you in protecting riders’ rights as well as secure full compensation for the injuries and losses. Motorcycle accident lawyers are also important because they investigate the incident to have an actual cause of the accident. Therefore having an experienced lawyer can help you in having better results because of their tricks and experienced negotiation skills with insurance companies.

The common causes of a motorcycle accident include speeding, drunk drivers, rear-end accidents, changing lanes into motorcyclists and motorcycle defects such as poorly manufactured parts of motorcycles. This can cause injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, broken bones, psychological injuries, and internal organ damage.

The process of having a motorcycle accident lawyer includes documentation whereby a person is assigned a legal team that will help you gather the information needed, such as medical bills, medical records insurance policy information.

This information is essential for evidence when it comes to compensation in your case. The legal team also under ghost the investigation process where evidence such as police records, camera footage help in building your case and lastly the negotiation where it can be either in or outside the courtroom for the final process to represent you in your settlement for the case.

Tips for finding the right motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you.

When choosing an attorney to represent you look for the one that has experience. This kind of attorney will help in representing your interests and succeed on your behalf. Though you may want to consider the number of years they have been in practice before you can hire the lawyer as well as look at the number of cases he or she has handled.

Ensuring that they have one in their past cases is also aware that you can consider looking for the right motorcycle accident lawyer. If you are to win, you also need to look at the attorney of your best interest. When you choose a lawyer, find one that specializes in motorcycle accident fields since they will have extensive knowledge and skills in handling such cases.

However, to work with an experienced attorney, you might have to spend a lot of money as a fee to hire them. If you are running low on cash or just don’t want to hurt your savings, you can avail yourself of a motorcycle accidents loan. It will help you pay all the expenses that you need to make after hiring an attorney.
Additionally, looking at the availability is also essential because you don’t need a lawyer that has pending cases since they won’t put your case as a priority.

Looking at the availability is also essential because you don’t need a lawyer that has pending cases since they won’t put your case as a priority.

Communication is also a major factor to consider when selecting the right motorcycle accident lawyer. This is because of the disclosure of personal details while working on your case. Therefore you should be able to feel comfortable around the lawyer and have good relations. This way, you get to ask the lawyer about anything concerning the case and receive an update from them.

Reviews are also another way that you can select the right motorcycle accident lawyer. Therefore you can consider looking at different motorcycle accident lawyers in Denver according to their ratings and reviews. Lawyers that have more positive reviews show that they deliver quality services to their clients. You can also check out past clients what they have to say about working with the lawyers to have full insight about it.

Lawyer at work

Here are some of the firms to consider hiring a lawyer from:

Bell & Pollock P.C. Accident & Injury lawyers

The Ben &Pollock is Located in south Denver 7555E Hampden Avenue.  This firm was established in 1984. They are experienced personal injury lawyers that provide superior legal service and representation to clients. Their goal is to help a client to get the compensation that they rightfully deserve ‘ champions of the people.’

Zaner Harden Law

Zaner Harden is located at 1610 Wynkoop street. They focus exclusively on personal injury law, such as car accident defective products catastrophic injury. They offer a free consultation. Zaner Harden has been elected to leadership positions to both the Colorado Trials Lawyers Association and The American Association of Justice.

Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers

Is Located at 1624 Market Street. Other branches include Colorado springs, Washington, and Fort Collins. This firm started with Family and grew to become an independent law firm. One of their law tigers includes Thomas Metier, who is passionate about working with people that lost strength due to negligent acts of others.

Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal

Jeremy firm is located at  4100 E. Mississippi Avenue. Jeremy Rosenthal Farm is always on top of their work because of their clear communication.

They offer a wide range of services, from personal injury claims to transportation-related cases. They also have experts to work with you as well as discuss a case in a free consultation.


Denver motorcycle accident lawyers can assist the victims to calculate their losses and know the sum of compensation expected. A rider deserves fair compensation and to be protected from their rights and options.