Are the risks of breast augmentation surgery worth it?

breast surgery

By Michael Saul, Partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Breast augmentations are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures around the world; nevertheless, the hazards involved with the procedure are widely misunderstood. There are some possible complications and side effects that should be controlled and minimised. 

A breast lift is typically done to boost self-confidence and self-image by reducing fat, excess skin or sagging breasts, but the healing period can leave patients feeling low as they are required to wear bandages and temporarily refrain from certain common activities. This is normal, however, and it is important to understand that healing from breast surgery is part of the process. Taking care of your body as it heals can contribute more to the overall success of the procedure than any other step. 

Here, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors takes a look at the risks of breast augmentation surgery and to help you decide whether they are worth undergoing the procedure. 

What are the risks?

After a breast lift procedure, there will be scarring that needs to heal. This is common in many other forms of surgery and may temporarily cause pain and sensitivity. Although this discomfort can often be felt to varied degrees across the entire chest, there may be more sensitive or painful parts of the breasts where the operation was performed. Even while scars may be permanent or linger for years following surgery, they should dramatically lessen in size and prominence over time if they are able to heal properly.

After the procedure, you may experience some minor pain or discomfort due to the anaestheic wearing off. Although medicines can be given by medical personnel to help with this, there will always be some discomfort following any surgery.

Swelling is a natural part of the healing process. As a result, the breasts may be unequal or have new distinct shapes, which may vary as the process continues. Once more, this is less severe and will lessen 6 to 12 weeks after your surgery. If swelling does not go down while the wound heals in the later stages, you should see a doctor.

Other risks of breast augmentation surgery include: 

  • The implant leaking caused by a rupture 
  • Noticeable creases and/or rippling in the implant
  • Infection that requires the implant(s) to be removed
  • Being unable to breast-feed or producing less milk than before the surgery
  • Nerve damage 

While some of these issues can be short-term and readily fixed, others will need more attention. It is crucial that you get in touch with your surgeon immediately to schedule a follow-up visit if you experience any of these issues following your breast augmentation. A qualified surgeon should be able to walk you through these issues and be able to provide you with wise guidance.

What to do while you are healing

Following a surgical breast lift, a smaller dressing will be placed over the lower breasts before the wounds are first covered with surgical tape. You must wear these for ten days, after which, your doctor should remove them to check on the healing. After that, a surgical bra must be worn for three weeks. This will maintain the breasts’ form so that healing can take place naturally without being hindered by the weight of the breasts.

The recovery time varies from patient to patient and can be impacted by bumps, knocks, and strain, all of which you should avoid. The recovery time can last up to 12 weeks, but it may take longer due to these factors. Following a breast lift, it is typically advised to take a week off of work.

Regular application of scar gel on and gentle massaging of the damaged tissue can help to reduce inflammation, and generous use of sun cream will lessen the influence of the sun’s rays, which can affect the colour of scars as they heal. 

So, is it worth the risks?

We think everyone should make their own decision before undergoing any sort of cosmetic procedure, and ensure that they go to a safe, reputable surgeon to reduce the risks of anything going severely wrong. Minimising risk is a key part of any decision-making process, so if you are deciding whether to have a breast augmentation, do not take the decision lightly. If you find yourself the victim of unsafe and negligent cosmetic surgery, contact a cosmetic surgery solicitor for advice.