6 Things to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

bike accident

A motorcycle accident, like any other accident, occurs when people least expect them to happen. However, motorcycles come with a higher risk factor compared to cars since most of these accidents end in fatality. Accidents are unavoidable, but your actions after the accident are important. You need to find ways to minimize injury, prevent further danger, and avoid legal trouble. Below are a few things you need to do immediately after a motorcycle accident.

Get to Safety and Keep Your Gear On

The first and most important step is to get to safety. However, it’s best to leave your motorcycle at the scene of the accident. Staying at the crash scene puts you at risk of collision with other road users. Moving the motorcycle may aggravate your injuries and compromise the crime scene. After an accident, most riders instinctively try to take their gear off, even if it’s just the helmet. However, this is ill-advised as it can worsen your injuries, especially on the head, neck, or spine. Try and limit your movement as much as possible till the emergency services arrive.

Call Emergency Services

Once you get to safety, the next step is to call for emergency services. It’s worth noting that during accidents, most people freeze and find it difficult to process information. If you cannot make the call, signal a bystander and explain to them what to do. You can as well take advantage of the numerous mobile apps and devices designed to alert emergency responders in case of an accident. These include:

  • Collision Call
  • BikerSOS
  • Silent Beacon
  • ActivBeacon

Mentally Assess the Situation

Mentally assessing the situation applies to victims who are conscious and are able to scan their surroundings. Motorcycle accident victims often go into physical and emotional shock shortly after the accident. You should try and remain calm as you wait for emergency services. If you are able, assess your condition and the surrounding area so that you can accurately share the information with the authorities and medical personnel.

Seek Medical Attention

It’s advisable to seek medical attention immediately after the accident, even if you seem fine. There are motorcycle accident injuries that may take time to manifest, leading to serious health complications. Make sure the doctor gives you the green light to resume your daily routine.

Get Evidence

Once you are feeling up better, you should revisit the scene and collect evidence. This means collecting videos and pictures from possible witnesses, writing notes, and asking for the police report. You should also consider taking your own photos of the scene. Speak to the other driver and exchange insurance information as well as details of the accident.

Speak to Your Lawyer and Insurance Company

This is a crucial step after an accident. You can work with a personal injury lawyer or find a motorcycle injury lawyer. A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you secure the maximum insurance settlement and help you navigate the legal process. Let your lawyer speak to your insurance company and negotiate for a better deal.