Things to Know About Xenical Weight Loss Medication

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Xenical (orlistat) is a prescription pill that helps in weight loss and managing obesity, diabetes, as well as any other weight-related issues. Xenical blocks some of the fat you consume, thus preventing it from getting absorbed by the enzymes in your body.

The undigested fat then passes down through the bowel movement. This in turn results in less fat build up around the muscles. Best results are achieved when used together with other weight loss solutions such as exercising and dieting.

How to Use Xenical

Xenical can be prescribed by a medical professional and is available across many drug stores around the world. Be sure to go through the patient information leaflet contained inside the box. It is consumed orally during or one hour after consuming a meal that contained fat.

It is taken thrice every day with every meal and in the case that you miss a meal, you can also skip the pill. You can also skip it when you consume fat-free meals. It is not recommended to share your Xenical medication with anybody as the dosages are carefully calculated to suit one person at a time.

Because it blocks the absorption of certain vitamins, you may need to start using it with supplements. These should be prescribed by your doctor. They are best given a 2-hour interval from your Xenical medication.

If you have a history of eating disorders, it’s probably best that you avoid it.

Common Side Effects of Xenical

Because Xenical blocks fat absorption by the enzymes in your digestive system, the fat moves down to your bowel movement. This is the last stop in your digestive system before the waste gets discarded from your body.

You might feel some bowel movement changes within your body as the fat gets directed to the bowel area. This can get uncomfortable at times, especially after eating very fatty foods. This fat-blocking action causes:

  • Oil laden stool that’s either orange or brown.
  • Nausea and stomach aches.
  • Poor bowel control.
  • Gas and oil discharge.

Confusing as it may seem, these are symptoms of the medication working. They may, however, decline as your body gets more accustomed to the medication through your weight loss journey. If you have an allergic reaction, extreme stomach pain, difficult or painful urination, or blood in your urine, you must immediately stop taking the medication.

For the Best Results

To bring the most out of your Xenical medication, it would be best to choose the best pill in the business. WAYT-less is currently at the top when it comes to effective weight loss medication. It serves to control appetite and cravings, improves digestion, boosts levels of energy, lowers insulin resistance, and decreases body mass among many other benefits.

To reduce some of the side effects of Xenical, you should reduce the fat content in your food. This will help to break down existing fat in the body faster. Try to also keep yourself as well as hydrated and active as possible. This will mean less fat for your body to deal with and therefore a better, healthier, and fitter body.