Why do we need healthy vending machines in London?

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Vending machines London are very popular and can be found in most public places. Statistics show that there are half a million vending machines in the UK. The vending machine industry has a market share of over £25bn with a considerable annual growth rate of 4.2% until at least 2026.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional vending

There are many advantages and disadvantages of vending machines. Vending machines are easy to manage and maintain with low overhead costs. They save time, allowing easy access to food and drink. They can be located conveniently where there is increased footfall. Unfortunately there are many disadvantages to vending machines as well. Most traditional vending machines are stocked with unhealthy snacks and drinks such as chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks. If consumed on a regular basis these items can cause high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders and affect mental health and wellbeing.

If you have a traditional vending machine then you need to find out about replacing it with a healthy vending machine.

Healthy vending machines

Healthy vending machines have all the same advantages as traditional vending machines, however they have the added benefit of providing healthy and delicious food and drink options to promote better health and wellbeing. Vending machines are normally used when someone is in a rush or they require a snack between meals. If your vending machine has delicious healthy options then you are encouraging the person to make a nutritious choice for their snack or as a replacement to a proper meal and by doing so promoting their health and wellbeing. Snacks and drinks that are full of fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals can have the opposite effect to chocolate bars, crisps and drinks. With regular consumption, they can help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, promote weight loss, promote improved gastrointestinal health and encourage positivity and better mental health.

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These machines are often free and fully managed so that you do not have to do anything at all. They can be delivered and installed at your address. All you need is approximately 1 m² of free space and a plug point. The vending machine will be stocked according to your choice of products or with products that are most popular. Healthy vending machines offer breakfast options, healthy ideas for lunch or dinner, and a whole range of desserts and sweet treats as well as delicious drinks for all tastes and dietary requirements. The vending machine itself is monitored online to make sure that all parts are working correctly. Stock counts are also carried out on your behalf, which help make sure that the machine is replenished accordingly and effectively. No food is wasted, rather it will be distributed amongst local charities if necessary.

Do you have a school, college, warehouse, office or other workspace? By installing a healthy vending machine you will improve break time and lunchtime experiences for the people around you. You will promote good health and wellbeing, increase productivity levels and increase positivity all round. Find out more about installing a healthy vending machine sooner rather than later to enjoy the benefits of healthy eating which traditional vending machines cannot provide.