Which is better: Botox or fillers?

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If you are interested in the aesthetic medicine sphere, you surely know the endless battle of dermal filler vs. Botox treatment. Depending on which product is mainly used in one’s working routine, a specialist will highlight its outstanding characteristics. 

So, today is a great day to find out which injectable procedure is more effective and loved by millions of experts and patients out there! And don’t forget – every product has its own purpose, so you shouldn’t make your decision on your own – it is always better to have a discussion with a medical specialist to make sure the option you choose will be suitable for your needs.

The definition of both products


Botox (or botulinum toxin injection is a special solution used in aesthetic medicine to prevent aging signs occurrence in patients and get rid of already existing mimic wrinkles and lines. Typically, it is used in the areas where dynamic wrinkles tend to appear the most (perioral and periorbital zones). The main purpose of this product is to relax nerve endings of the face and make it more “expressionless”; in this way, lines and creases caused by facial expressions won’t occur.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, were created for aging signs that already exist; facial rejuvenation is performed by administering injectable gel into deep creases and hollow areas under the skin. In this way, lost volume is restored effectively, facial features are defined, and patients may enjoy their youthful appearance for much longer. Specialists recommend applying this kind of procedure for people with more mature skin, approximately after the age of 30. However, once again, we would like to remind you that this aspect is strictly individual and should be discussed with a medical professional after careful consultation.

Can I Order Botox Online?

If you are a licensed medical professional, then yes, of course, you can buy Botox & dermal fillers online at Fillersupplies. Nowadays, this is the most comfortable option available for practically anybody all over the world. However, don’t forget about a valid license needed practically anywhere; if you don’t have any proof, you won’t be able to place an order anywhere.


Dermal fillers vs. Botox injections. Key difference

The main difference between dermal filler and Botox treatments is their working principles and target areas. That’s why based on the initial purpose of the injection, a doctor decides which one would be the best for a maximum result. Now, we would like to have a closer look at both characteristics.

Working principle

Here, everything is pretty simple – Botox injections relax facial muscles and, in this way, eliminate aging signs in people. This type of injectable contains botulinum toxin as the main active substance. It can also be effective for such health conditions as chronic migraine, upper limb spasticity, severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis, and many others.

Soft tissue fillers, on the contrary, include hyaluronic acid and are meant to rejuvenate skin and volumize hollow facial zones. Usually, cosmetic treatments are chosen for such areas as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, frown lines, and so on. Moreover, even lip augmentation and facial features definition can be performed in this way. Mind that there are a lot of options out there, so only FDA-approved fillers injected into the target zone can be considered safe.

Target areas

Botulinum toxin products would suit the best for the zones with active facial expressions, like perioral (smile lines, marionette lines, etc.) and periorbital areas (crow’s feet). Of course, we are talking about aesthetic medicine procedures. If Botox is used for medical purposes, the injection spot is defined by a specialist.

When it comes to dermal filler procedures, it is usually picked for places with lost volume or bad facial feature definition; experts claim it can be used at any target zone. However, it is important to remember safety rules and avoid injecting the gel into the veins or muscles.

The final word

Botox and dermal fillers are both great products that can be incredibly effective for aesthetic and medical purposes. Even though they are different and are used for various target zones, the main goal still remains the same – to provide people with healthier, younger skin. That’s why there is no sense in the Botox vs. dermal filler battle – they both are winners that belong at the top in the cosmetic beauty sphere.