Where to Take an Official IQ Test?

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Many people want to know their IQ score for several reasons. Some want to know it to boost their self-confidence, and some just want to have a comparison with their friends. Some might also need to get an accurate estimate for a job interview or for professional purposes. No matter what the reason is, you want to make sure your IQ is calculated and tested as accurately as possible.

The most accurate option is to get tested by a certified professional, usually a psychologist who has received training in the framework and administration of a given particular test. However, these assessments usually cost between $300 and $1000 and require a lot of time; at least several appointments and a lot of commuting. On top of that, unless the person intends to get tested for diagnostic reasons (eg: to get a diagnosis for a learning disability), most people do not really need or want this type of solution. Indeed, most people who want to get tested just want to do so out of curiosity.

The good news is that there are many cheaper -yet professional- online official IQ test sites on the internet that can provide you with an accurate assessment of your IQ. They calculate IQ by comparing your intellectual performance in a set of items against the performance of thousands of other online testtakers. Their accuracy might not be as high as certified in-person- administered tests, but they are still very precise, and what’s more, their price is something affordable to all: it ranges between $20 and $30 depending on the site. 

The 3 Best Websites to Take an Official IQ Test online

Mensa IQ Test

Mensa offers one of the most reliable IQ tests you could take online. The online tests that Mensa provides on its site are only for practice and indicate a very rough estimation of your general cognitive abilities. Mensa also offers paid options, which cost around $40-$100 depending on the country you live in.

Official IQ Test

Already taken by thousands of online users, official-iqtest.org  is another reliable website where it is possible to take a reliable and accurate online IQ test. Here you can test your IQ and get an assessment that is accurate and reliable enough for just $22.99. Your performance in the test will be compared against the performance of all the other thousands of users. Your IQ score will be calculated through their algorithms and a series of psychometric operations, and it will reflect how intellectually well you performed in the test in comparison to all the other testtakers. For instance, a score of 130 would mean you performed better than 98% of all the online users who took the test.

Mensa UK IQ Test

Mensa UK IQ Test is also officially certified by Mensa. However, this one is different from the original Mensa test. In this case, Mensa offers tests adapted to English speakers. This test is also official, and it will allow you to get a thorough understanding of your IQ level and your cognitive abilities. They offer some practice free versions, if you would like to take the paid version, it will cost $40-$100 depending on where you live.

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Why Should You Take An Official IQ Test?

After having reviewed some of the best onilne sites to take an official IQ test on, you might want to know about the reasons for taking it. We have already mentioned some of the most common reasons why people take official intelligence tests. But the truth is that the scope of possibilites is even higher. Some other notable reasons for getting your intelligence assessed are:

  • For certain job positions, it is necessary to pass certain psychometric tests during the recruitment process. Online tests will not only serve you as a good practice, but will also tell you where you stand beforehand.
  • Training can increase your performance in doing IQ tests.
  • You can find out your academic potential through the assessment of your cognitive skills. This will allow you to know in which career paths you would perform best and in which worst – thus helping you take the right career choices.
  • IQ tests are predictors of your income and job performance. 

How accurate are Official IQ tests’ scores?

In general, tests administered in person have a good degree of reliability and have been studied thouroughly for decades. 

As for the online tests, the tests mentioned above are quite popular and known by the general public. These tests aren’t as accurate as IQ tests administered in person. However, these tests will give you an understanding of your intelligence level and make you more confident about your cognitive skills. Online tests shouldn’t be relied upon for diagnostic reasons though. They should only be used to get a valid and reliable estimation/approximation of your IQ score.

What is a good IQ score?

If you have an IQ score of more than 90, you can assume you have average intelligence. Generally, most adults have an IQ score between 90 and 110. So, anything within that range can be considered a good or “normal” IQ score. If you have an IQ score of 120 or above, you can consider that you have above-average or superior intelligence.

Now that you know where to take an official IQ test, hurry up and find out where your IQ stands!