When to See an Orthodontist?

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Orthodontic problems can be corrected at any age. Although orthodontists can treat patients of any age, it is often best to begin treatment in early childhood. However, the jaw is still growing during childhood, so it’s easier for orthodontists to fix issues with proper alignment. Even if you’re an adult and have been living with crooked teeth for years, you should still see an orthodontist to discuss options for correcting your smile.

The main concern of orthodontics is proper jaw alignment and straightening teeth to function properly without being painful or causing discomfort in other parts of the body (i.e., TMJ). A professional orthodontist like Dr. Tyler Robison ensures the patient’s comfort as he performs treatment or discusses the issue. They are also experts in working on cosmetic aspects like straightening out crowded or crooked teeth to look better when smiling or eating food.

Orthodontist for Children

Sometimes a pediatric dentist will recommend seeing an orthodontist if a child is under seven and has misalignment issues.

  • You’re not required to see an orthodontist. Suppose your child has a small amount of misalignment. In that case, they should see a general dentist first and get their recommendations on how you should proceed.
  • The difference between a pediatric dentist and an orthodontist is that the former focuses on treating children. In contrast, the latter focuses on treating adults with braces.
  • The difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist is that they work with teeth. Still, only one specializes in aligning them properly with braces or other appliances like Invisalign (clear plastic trays).

Orthodontist for Adults

Orthodontics isn’t just for kids! Adults can see an orthodontist too. They may be interested in getting braces for aesthetic or functional reasons. For example, adults who have gaps between their teeth might want to close them up with treatment. Or, they may wish for straighter teeth that look better with their facial features and smile shape.

Orthodontic treatments are designed to align your teeth. They fit together correctly when biting down on something hard, like an apple or a steak. This helps prevent damage to your mouth and jaw, leading to pain and problems eating foods that require chewing (like meat) or biting into hard foods (like apples). It also makes your smile look more attractive!

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Your orthodontist will recommend treatment plans based on the size of your mouth, how crowded it is inside, how crooked each tooth looks compared with all the others (its alignment), and how straight each tooth is compared with other teeth in its row (its rotations), where spaces between specific pairs of teeth are located—and many more factors as well! 

Are Orthodontists a Type of Dentist?

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in straightening teeth and aligning jaws. They have completed advanced training in orthodontics after dental school. They are the only specialists recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Orthodontists perform corrective procedures such as braces, retainers, or Invisalign aligners to improve your smile. Some patients may also need surgical procedures like jaw realignment surgery, tooth extraction, or bone grafting to treat severe cases of misalignment.

What Do Orthodontists Do?

An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the treatment of malocclusions. They can diagnose, prevent and treat problems related to the alignment of teeth and jaws. Their specialized training allows them to provide treatment for many dental issues.

What Questions to Ask an Orthodontist?

To help you make the most of your orthodontist visit, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask the orthodontist.

  • How long have they been practicing? If they are new to the field, it is best to seek out someone with more experience.
  • Do they have a list of references? An excellent way to get insight into an orthodontist’s work is by talking to other patients.
  • Do they have a patient portal? This will allow you access to your records and additional important information in one place. You can also use it as an easy way to submit questions before an appointment and monitor your progress throughout treatment and beyond!
  • What hours do they see patients during office hours? Many offices offer evening and weekend appointments so that there are fewer barriers for scheduling appointments around busy work schedules or school commitments.”

Why Should You Stay in Touch With the Orthodontist?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to everyone, but it’s necessary for people who wear braces. It would help if you learned how to clean your teeth and what you can eat with braces on. You will also want to make sure that your orthodontist knows about any problems with your mouth so that they can take care of them.

Some people have difficulty keeping their mouths clean while wearing braces because they don’t like how their teeth look in the mirror anymore. This is called body dysmorphia, and it can be very hard for a person with this condition to brush their teeth regularly. 

If you struggle with this problem, talk to an orthodontist about getting a night guard fitted for nighttime protection and comfort during sleep; many sleep better when they don’t have something so bulky in their mouths while snoozing!.

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What Qualities Make an Excellent Orthodontist?

So what do you look for in a great orthodontist? It’s vital to ensure that your orthodontist is someone who will communicate with you and listen closely. They should be able to educate you on all aspects of the process and answer any questions that arise. In addition, they should be professional and experienced; after all, they are responsible for treating your smile and making sure everything goes smoothly!

Another thing to consider is whether or not your dentist has a positive bedside manner. If they seem friendly and approachable, this will likely extend into the office setting. Therefore, when choosing an orthodontist, make sure their reputation precedes them—they should have no shortage of positive reviews from other patients!


In conclusion, orthodontics is a popular topic and one that many are interested in. When visiting Orthodontics, be sure to follow these tips so that you can get the best care and treatment possible! You can also check out this dentist in Ballston Spa if you’re currently looking for one.