What is the healthiest e-liquid?

vaping vs smoking
Photo by Lindsay Fox from ecigarettereviewed.com

Decided it’s time to quit smoking? You could go cold turkey and cut out nicotine and tobacco once and for all – but nicotine is a highly addictive substance and the chances are you’ll experience deeper cravings and end up more moody and irritable. Instead, it’s better if you set yourself a realistic target and gradually decrease your nicotine intake. You may even consider switching to vaping and finding yourself a Cloudstix!

We’ll bet you’ve seen a lot about vaping in the press, right? The truth is, when vaping first appeared onto the scene, health experts applauded electronic cigarettes and described them as a cleaner and safer alternative to smoking. 

Are there any risks with vaping?

Very little is known about how e-cigarettes affect our long-term health. However, the consensus is that these devices and e-liquids (sometimes called e-juice or vape juice) pose a fraction of the risk to our health than regular cigarettes do. 

Though they aren’t completely risk-free, e-cigs don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide which are the most harmful substances found in tobacco smoke. And, given that some (not all) e-liquids contain potentially dangerous chemicals, it pays to look closely at the ingredients of e-juice before you buy a flavour – and always purchase supplies from a reputable company, like Cloudstix.com.

What makes for a healthy e-liquid?

Vaping has spiked in popularity in recent years, and the range of e-liquids on the market today is vast. That means, whether you vape regularly or casually, you’re bound to find a flavour that ticks all the right boxes for you.

However, to meet the growing trends, many manufacturers have set the bar high for themselves and are continually working on producing the tastiest flavours for their customers. Whilst the packaging sets them apart, not all juices are created equal and there is a significant difference in the ingredients used and the quality of the end product.

Here’s what to look out for and what to avoid:

  • Cheaper isn’t always better – if you find e-liquid that is a heck of a lot cheaper than you’ve seen it elsewhere, it often indicates that the ingredients are cheap too. Though it may seem a tad excessive, and you might not experience an immediate adverse effect, poor quality ingredients can do a lot of damage over time. Is it really worth sacrificing your health for the sake of saving a few pounds?
  • Opt for diacetyl-free e-liquids every time – diacetyl is a chemical commonly found in foods, like popcorn, to give it a rich, buttery flavour. But it’s not something you want in your e-liquid! Studies have shown that diacetyl can cause ‘popcorn lung’ or bronchiolitis obliterans which is non-reversible or curable. The good news is this chemical was banned from e-liquids in the UK – under the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in 2016 – making them safe to consume.
  • VG or PG? – all e-liquids are comprised of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG). Both substances are non-toxic and deemed safe to use and many e-liquids nowadays contain a percentage of each. However, the healthier choice of the two is a liquid with a higher ratio of VG. The intensity of flavour might not be as strong, but you’ll get more vapour in return.
  • Determine your preferred nicotine strength – for ex-smokers wanting to wean themselves off the cigarettes for good, an e-liquid that contains nicotine is favourable. Depending on whether you are a former smoker of cigarettes or Cuban Cigars, your dosage of nicotine may vary significantly. There are a choice of strengths to choose from, including high 18mg, medium 12mg and 6mg low. However, if you wish to abstain from nicotine and are looking for the safest e-juice, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an extensive selection of nicotine-free options available. 

And, remember, even if you’re a health-conscious vaper, you can always get your hands on a delicious e-liquid that doesn’t harm your health and glass cartridges to keep your pen clean. You just need to know where to look and what to look for. Oh and don’t forget to check the label of anything you ingest or inhale!