What Are the Most Common Causes of Eye Injuries?

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Public awareness is key to preventing unnecessary eye damage. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common eye injuries.

There are many different types of eye injuries that can occur and cause serious difficulties and pain for a person. Your eyes are a delicate part of the body that can be easily damaged. Some injuries can even lead to partial blindless or complete blindless in serious cases. 

If a person suffers an eye injury that leads to permanent damage, it’s important to seek eye injury compensation if the cause wasn’t a fault of their own. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common eye injuries. Let’s delve in…

How Do Common Eye Injuries Tend to Happen?

It’s important to have some understanding of how these types of eye injuries can happen, so that preventative measures can be taken. The bulk of eye injuries that take place both in public and commercial settings are accidental and easily prevented if safety precautions are taken. 

People who work in manufacturing jobs or construction work are particularly more at risk than other occupations, but non the less, eye injuries can happen to us all quite easily. 

What Are the Most Common Eye Injuries?

Some of the most common eye injuries include: 

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects can be one of the leading causes of injuries. Typical foreign objects can include, pieces of dirt, metal, splinters from wood and glass and can be big problems to deal with.

There are two things which need to happen when a foreign object embeds itself in your eye. First of all, the object needs to be removed as quickly as possible, by a trained medical professional. Second of all, your eye will need to be washed and disinfected to prevent an infection.

It can be an extremely painful experience for a person so it’s important to act quickly, speak to your opticians first as they will be able to see you as an emergency case before heading to a hospital which often takes longer.

Chemical Burns

If you work with chemicals, then chemical burns can be a big problem, and they can affect the eye. If this happens, you need to make sure that you work quickly to deal with the problem before it becomes serious.

First of all, the affected area needs to be immediately cleansed of any chemicals. This means using specialist cleaning solutions that are designed to flush out chemicals from the eye.  Special creams may be given to a patient to aid the healing process, in some cases there may be need for emergency surgery to repair damaged nerves. 

It’s important to act quickly with chemical burns to the eye, given the eye is made up of soft tissue and can easily be damaged by harsh chemicals. 

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Corneal Abrasion 

Corneal abrasion, otherwise known as a scratched eye, is a very common eye injury. Whether its poking yourself in the eye, or catching yourself with your own nail, it can be a sudden painful experience that can cause damage to the surface of your eye. 

It can often be hard to fully open the eye after as it becomes sensitive to light and often stings as a result of the injury. If it feels like something is stuck in the eye such as grit, it’s important to see a medical profession to take a look for you. 

Your local optometrist will be able to quickly help remove grit from the eye so there may not be need to visit an A+E straight away unless advised to.


Sometimes, the most dangerous threat to your eye is another person. Grievous Bodily Harm is when somebody basically decides that they are going to assault you with the intent of doing serious damage, and your eyes are often easy targets because they are fragile and rendering someone blind is a permanent, lifelong injury.

Navigating GBH is difficult, you should seek legal advice if this is the cause of your eye injury to make sure you have the right compensation given. 

There isn’t a lot that can be done with eyes in the event they are injured. In some cases, you may be able to get by, by having your eyes patched up and bandaged to let it heal, but in other cases, there may be nothing and you may have to live with permanent damage to the eye. 

Safety Precautions for Eyes

If you are concerned about receiving damage to your eyes, there are definitely things you can do. Obviously, it’s important to be safe and conscious of your environment in a public setting, because accidents can happen. 

Wearing the appropriate safety equipment in the workplace can help to prevent your eyes from being damaged, and in the event of a physical altercation, try and protect your eyes, where possible.

Get immediate help for eye injuries…

Unfortunately, your eyes are a very fragile part of your body, and permanent damage is often irreparable. It’s important to seek medical attention immediately if you damage your eyes, because the longer it’s left, the more uncomfortable an injury can become. 

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