What Are the Feelings You Get When You Eat Mad Honey?

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For centuries, honey has been one of the most beneficial organic products that can boost your immune system and fill your body with the necessary nutrients. In the times of fast, processed foods, it is always a good idea to consume honey daily to keep your body healthy and satisfied. However, there are a few types of honey, and today, we will be talking about one of the rarest ones. 

Mad honey is a type of honey that differs from all the others. Although it can benefit your health, this type of honey has a somewhat different purpose than keeping you healthy. Instead of feeling energized when consuming it, you may feel other things with this “funny” food since it contains some unique substances. 

Let’s see what this honey is all about and what you can expect to feel when you consume it. 

What is mad honey?

As previously mentioned, mad honey is a particular type of honey produced by “special” bees that feed on plants that grow in the mountain areas of Nepal, known to have a poisonous effect on people. For example, bees that produce mad honey feed on rhododendron plants that are poisonous for consumption in normal circumstances. 

However, since the bees process the pollen taken from these plants, the honey you consume will be safe and have some unique effects on your body. The benefits of mad honey have been known for ages – you can expect the effects we will describe later. 

When it comes to its appearance, you can easily distinguish it from other types of honey. Mad honey will have a red color, unlike the traditional yellow-brownish shades. Moreover, the taste differs from regular kinds of honey – instead of the sweet, recognizable taste, you will get a bitter aroma from mad honey. 

What will you feel when you eat mad honey?

As you can see, mad honey has a psychoactive effect on the consumer. However, you might experience a more severe psychoactive effect than when consuming other psychoactive substances. Here are some of the most common feelings you might have when you eat this red, bitter honey. 


Dizziness is one of the most common effects of mad honey. You may experience dizziness within a couple of minutes that it takes for the honey to enter your bloodstream. 

This feeling has been reported in many cases of mad honey consumption – it’s almost expected that you will feel dizzy by consuming this honey. You may feel too dizzy to stand, so you need to be in a comfortable, stable position to avoid any possible injuries. 


Another common effect you may feel is hallucinations. You may not be aware that you are hallucinating and may feel like you are in a completely different world. Moreover, you may see things that aren’t there in real life, which can lead to other feelings such as paranoia, anxiety, etc. 

Be prepared to hallucinate after consuming mad honey since this effect will most likely appear within a few minutes. You also need to make sure to keep calm during the hallucination period. 


This feeling may appear less often than the previously mentioned effects, but many people have reported feeling nauseous after consuming mad honey. Moreover, some people cannot take the strength of mad honey, thus feeling the need to vomit and get it out of the system. 


If this is your first time trying mad honey, be prepared for this effect because your body is most likely not used to consuming substances that are contained in mad honey. 


Depending on your dose and your system, you may experience euphoria after consuming mad honey. This effect will make you feel lifted and on top of the world, and you may feel overly excited and overwhelmed. 

However, this is not one of the most common affects you can experience after consuming mad honey – it depends on your body and how it processes the substances from this honey. 


Although mad honey can have many benefits for your health and body, you need to make sure to take all necessary precautions before you consume this honey. You should eat it in low doses (a teaspoon of honey) since it can be dangerous for the body and lead to seizures. Moreover, you can get poisoned by this honey, so you must consume it in small doses. 

You should also make sure that this honey is legal in your country. Since it has a psychoactive effect, many countries have banned the use of mad honey, just like other psychoactive substances. You should consult professionals and ensure that the product won’t negatively affect your body. 


Honey has been used to improve health for centuries back. However, this lesser-known type of honey in the mountain regions of Nepal and Turkey differs significantly from ordinary honey. We have explained what mad honey is and what effects it can have on your body and your mind. The most important thing is to be careful when consuming it since it is made from poisonous plants. If you experience some unwanted effects, go to a doctor as soon as possible.