How does a weight loss clinic work in Atlanta GA?

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There are some aspects of our health that can be influenced not just by medical factors, but also by our chosen lifestyle and habits. For example, in the last couple of decades we came to understand that smoking tobacco is in fact dangerous to our health. Yet, go back fifty years and smoking was seen as trendy and ‘in’ – everyone was doing it!

Other choices we make that influence our health include drinking more alcohol than we should, eating fatty junk food, and lacking in exercise. Each of these has an influence on the subject we are talking about today – that of being overweight or obese and seeking help from a medical weight loss clinic in Atlanta. 

Being overweight is not something that anyone enjoys. It can lead to stress through embarrassment, and also puts pressure on the heart and other organs. A medical weight loss program can help, so let’s begin by looking at the ideal candidate for medical weight loss treatment. 

Am I A Good Candidate for Medical Weight Loss? 

When you visit a weight loss clinic for your initial consultation be prepared to answer questions that may seem personal. This consultation is to unearth the root of your weight gain problem so that the consultant can put together the correct series of treatments which, as we can see, can be varied. We’ve mentioned above the lifestyle choices that need to be addressed. If you are to undergo the medical weight loss routine, you will be expected to adhere to a strict regime that sees you turn those lifestyle choices around. It is imperative that you make that commitment.

Furthermore, a candidate will have to show that they have tried dieting themselves or even supplement and other weight loss routines and have not succeeded. So, are you simply overweight or are you in fact classed as obese? This is an important question as it will have a great effect on the treatment that your consultant recommends. 

Am I Overweight or Obese? 

Let’s talk about obesity in the USA and why it is a problem. Should your BMI that’s body mass index, a measure of your ideal weight – be in excess of 30 you are considered obese. Make sure you have this checked either before or during your consultation as we cannot stress the importance of this calculation to strongly.

Let’s assume you’ve had a good chat with the consultant, have agreed to change any habits, and are accepted onto a medical weight loss treatment program. What can you expect to happen next? 

What Happens at an Atlanta Weight Loss Clinic?

A medical weight loss treatment course is not simply one thing. There are various elements that will be administered during the treatment, and each has a specific purpose. The following may or may not all be involved, but you can be certain that your consultant will assess your suitability and recommend the right program for your individual requirements.

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  • 1: You will be given counselling by dieticians. This will help you achieve the healthy and balanced diet that is essential to your weight loss program. Your Atlanta clinic may also pair you with a nutritionist to help you maintain the right balance of nutrients.  
  • 2: Injections that burn the excess fat may also be administered, and this will take more than one session. Usually, these injections are presented twice a week for the duration of the treatment, and your consultant will advise as to the right frequency.
  • 3: You may be prescribed anti-hunger supplements. These reduce the level of hunger you experience. This is active prevention against over-eating. 
  • 4: HRT – hormone replacement therapy – can also play a part in a weight loss routine but may not be necessary in every case. 

Throughout all this your progress will be monitored by the team at the Atlanta clinic and you can also keep check on how you are doing via a mobile phone app. You will also be prescribed an exercise routine – it need not be too rigorous and will be carefully be chosen for you – to run alongside as part of your medical weight loss routine. 

Bear in mind this is not a comprehensive list and that each individual will be assessed in terms of their own personal circumstances. There will be a tailored program put together for you to help you get the best results possible. 

It is important that we say again how vital it is you commit to the lifestyle changes needed, as treatment for weight loss will not have an effect should you continue with a poor diet, heavy drinking and smoking, and a lack of exercise. Let’s consider what you should expect to gain from the treatment. 

What Results Can I Expect?

The key to losing weight successfully is commitment, and once you have that mindset in place it becomes much easier to achieve your goals. However, you should not expect to lose many pounds in a matter of days. This is not a quick fix, and you will be required to attend the clinic several times during the course of the treatment in order to achieve your goals.

The consultant and other professionals will also talk to you about your expectations. You need to have a reasonable expectation as to the results of a medical weight loss routine. It can be very successful for some people who lose large amounts of weight in, for example, a month and less so for others who may have to work harder for longer. Set yourself a sensible and achievable goal to begin with then start to push yourself harder as you reach each milestone.

That way you will be able to deduce quickly how long it is going to take to get back to a weight that you are happy with. Talk to your local Atlanta weight loss clinic now and arrange a consultation, and be certain of what is involved and the level of commitment you are expected to put into the program, and you will soon enjoy a healthier life