Weed-Friendly Countries You Do Not Know: 5 Destinations to Take into Account

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Marijuana became one of the most widespread drugs in the world. It is made of 100% natural weed that obtains not only relaxing components people use for fun and to have a rest. It contains even healing active agents used for efficient treatment courses against severe diseases like cancer, HIV, etc. That is why there are two categories of cannabis users – those who prefer it for fun and those who opt for its medical background.

It is not surprising that marijuana traveling is in demand today. Weed fans would like to have trips to various countries while turning this experience into a themed one. Cannabis can be used in various formats. For example, there are vaping liquids, creams, candies, smoking tobacco, and many more. Medical cannabis is usually ordered on trusted websites like Cannrank with numerous reliable sellers and filter options to make the best search within several clicks.

At the same time, marijuana trips are seldom virtual. Most travelers visit other weed-friendly countries to get absolutely new experiences, emotions, and bright memories about their adventures. Additionally, this is a perfect chance to make friends with other people interested in weed smoking. If such destinations as the Netherlands, Jamaica, and Peru are well-known among marijuana smokers, there are some countries with legalized cannabis and rather significant possession amounts to consider.

Black Horses in the Context of Marijuana Traveling: Where Else to Go?

Speaking about marijuana traveling, you can find interesting destinations that are not so popular worldwide. For example, instead of the Netherlands or Jamaica, you can try so-called black horses in this category. Let’s take a closer look at 5 exciting locations for marijuana tourism to take into consideration.

1 – Spain

This black horse is not about your unlimited opportunities. But if you organize your trip directly to Barcelona with its cannabis social clubs, it is possible to get an unreal experience. Combine your vacation with weed smoking in Spain. But skip any marijuana possession here. This together with the commercial selling of cannabis is forbidden for Spanish and foreigners. The most famous public club for weed smokers is New Amsterdam in Barcelona.

2 – Portugal

Here, you can possess up to 25 grams of weed with no risk to be fined or imprisoned in Portugal. The capital of marijuana tourism is Lisbon. There are smoke shops and cannabis clubs there. Among them are the following destinations:

  • Cannabis Club de Lisboa;
  • Sucellus Smoke Shop;
  • Lisbon Social Club.

Note that Portugal welcomes responsible weed smokers who respect local laws. If you possess more than 25 grams of marijuana, be ready for imprisonment. Both locals and tourists can be imprisoned for a term from 3 months up to 5 years.

3 – Croatia

For most marijuana lovers this country is a real surprise in the context of weed and cannabis-friendly traveling. Croatia is famous for its picturesque views and numerous gorgeous landscapes to be proud of. But only some lucky ones know that there are marijuana private parties and events here.

Be sure that you possess as much as under 1.5% active content and do not use weed in public places. If you forbid these rules, be ready to pay a huge fine that is up to 750 euros. Nevertheless, some spicy and cozy smoke-friendly pubs (that are not announced and are hidden in Croatia) are going to impress you.

4 – Switzerland

This European country welcomes true marijuana lovers. You will be shocked that the Swiss have the opportunity to possess up to 4 home weed plantations! It is not surprising that the list of public places with smoking areas is great in Switzerland. For example, you can visit Cannabis Club in Zurich or the same establishments in Bern and Basel.

5 – Uruguay

One more exotic country with total marijuana friendliness. The maximum possession of cannabis in Uruguay is 40 grams. If you would like to have fun with other smokers and weed fans, visit Montevideo first. Here, there are many local marijuana-friendly pubs to take into account. For example, they are Gourmet, Calvanis, and Cab Club.