A Simple Guide to Understanding NAD+ Treatment for Addiction

NAD recovery

It can be an emotionally unpleasant experience to watch someone you care for struggle with substance use disorder. It’s even more distressing to live with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Because the use of drugs or alcohol can alter the way your brain functions, it can be extremely difficult or impossible to quit without help. 

Even if you have the best intentions and genuinely want to end your relationship with substances, it takes more than willpower alone. But all hope is not lost because, thankfully, through medical research, there are new, safe ways of quitting and recovering, like NAD+ treatment. 

What is NAD+ and How Does it Work?

Addiction depletes the brain of neurotransmitters, and neuronal dysfunction can be persistent. As a result, the more you use drugs or excessively drink alcohol, the brain’s functions deteriorate. There is an endless cycle of decline from each day to the next, which makes the brain incapable of fighting substance misuse. The degeneration makes it harder for the brain to take part in your recovery. 

NAD+ or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide helps with neurotransmitter production and function. Neurotransmitters constantly keep the brain operating to control many things like:

  • Breathing
  • Learning
  • Concentrating
  • Psychological functions like pleasure, fear, mood, etc. 

NAD+ is an active enzyme variation of vitamin B-3 or niacin, which evidence shows can also act as a natural neurotransmitter. It is a coenzyme that occurs naturally in the body to rejuvenate cells and produce energy. The natural process of this cellular energy production happens when we digest food. 

What is NAD+ Therapy?

NAD Therapy and treatment refer to the intravenous infusion of NAD+ along with supplements and vitamins. The therapy promotes overall wellness, but research shows it can positively affect the body when used as part of addiction recovery. Many experts consider NAD+ the “crown jewel of detoxification.” 

By providing a person with infusions of NAD+, the individual’s body will boost NAD+ that with regular therapeutic doses can help with brain function, improve cellular communication between molecules and repair DNA. These outcomes from NAD+ treatment, when combined with traditional psychotherapy, are what makes NAD+ therapy so beneficial and successful for people with substance use disorder to sustain their recovery. 

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What Are the Benefits of NAD Treatment for Addiction?

When you are struggling with an addiction, you are not merely dealing with a particular substance. You are also battling with a complex mental and behavioral health condition. With substance or alcohol use disorder, there is a disruption of communication to and from the brain. That is why it isn’t easy for many people to stay in recovery or sustain cessation. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, up to 60% of people in recovery have a relapse. But don’t let that discourage your efforts. NAD+ can help.

NAD+ treatment has become a powerful aid in helping many people on their path through recovery. One reason this holistic alternative to medication-based addiction treatment is successful in recovery is because it reduces withdrawal symptoms. By bringing a more natural method of soothing ease into the withdrawal period, you’ll be able to have an easier transition into sobriety. NAD+ treatment can make your recovery feel more attainable. 

While you receive NAD+ therapy at a luxury rehab center, you not only have fewer withdrawal symptoms, but you’ll also work with a dedicated team of professionals. Mental health clinicians can provide individual or group psychotherapy to address your possible co-occurring or underlying psychological needs. You’ll have support as you detoxify from your substance or alcohol use dependencies.

Typically, the more a person misuses a substance, like opioids, crystal meth, cocaine or alcohol, their body loses many essential vitamins and nutrients. As a detoxifier, NAD+ replaces these depleted nutrients. The therapeutic coenzymes clean the brain and flush the body of any stored toxic substances. NAD+ restores cells and gives the brain back energy that drugs prevent it from receiving during food breakdown. 

With the brain’s regained balance and improved function, many people also report having:

  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Energy levels
  • Overall mood
  • Concentration
  • Focus 

The effectiveness of NAD+ treatment can foster the confidence you and your body need to speed up your recovery. 

Is NAD+ Treatment Safe for Addiction Recovery?

In the traditional treatment of substance use disorder, doctors often prescribe medication, like Suboxone or methadone, to replace the misused substance. Unfortunately, despite their effectiveness, these replacement drugs sometimes have a potential risk of abuse and redirected addiction. 

NAD+ is not a drug. It is a natural compound in your body. NAD+ treatment for addiction recovery is safe because it is a healthy way of boosting the coenzyme essential for health and wellness. Therefore, not only do you stand to have a more successful recovery, but you also improve your physical health by repairing biological systems in your body damaged by the use of legal and illicit drugs or alcohol. 
You may have tried to quit drugs or alcohol in the past and failed, but it doesn’t have to be like that this time. There is still research needed to determine any long-term effects of this holistic therapy. Even though NAD+ is not a cure, it could make your first, second or even third attempt to quit drugs or alcohol at a luxury rehab center, like Wish Recovery, worth the try.