Types Of Disposable Vapes In 2023 Rechargeable VS Single-Use Disposables

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In 2023, disposable vapes will offer two main types: rechargeable and single-use disposables. These options cater to different preferences and vaping habits, giving users various choices based on their needs.

Rechargeable Disposables: 

These disposable vape pens feature a rechargeable battery and can be used multiple times. They often come with a Type-C port for charging.

Single-Use Disposables: 

These traditional disposable pens are intended for single use and cannot be recharged. They are discarded after the battery dies or the e-juice is consumed.

Tight Draw: 

Most disposable vapes offer a mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw, miming a cigarette’s draw. These devices have a tighter airflow and are typically designed for higher nicotine concentrations.

Loose Draw: 

Some disposables have a looser draw, allowing for a restricted direct lung (RDL) inhale. These devices are often available in lower nicotine concentrations, providing a more open airflow.

High-Nicotine Disposables: 

These disposables have higher nicotine strengths, commonly around 5% nicotine (50 mg/mL). They suit those looking for a strong nicotine hit and a cigarette-like experience.

TPD-compliant Disposables: 

For users in the EU/UK, disposables are subject to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which limits the nicotine strength to 20 mg/ml (2%). TPD-compliant disposables are typically more compact and non-rechargeable.

Advantages Of Disposables:

The overall construction and materials used in the device can impact its durability and performance. Look for vapes made from reputable brands known for their quality products.

  • Battery Life:

The battery life of a disposable kit determines how long it will last before needing to be disposed of. Higher-quality devices often have better battery efficiency and can last longer.

  • Flavour And Vapour Production: 

The quality of the e-liquid and the coil inside the disposable vape can affect flavour and vapour production. Some disposables provide a more satisfying experience in terms of flavour and vapour density than others.

If you want a more personalised experience, you can use refillable kits and add your preferred e-juice for flavour and nicotine customisations.

  • Nicotine Delivery:

If you use disposables as a nicotine delivery device, the quality of the nicotine used in the e-liquid is essential. High-quality vapes use nicotine sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure a consistent and satisfying experience. Bar Juice 5000 nic salt e-liquids offer a lot of flavour combinations if you want to try a variety aside from disposable vape kits. 

  • Safety Features: 

Disposable vapes should have good safety features, such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and over-discharge protection. These features can enhance the overall quality and safety of the device. Also, Disposables often combine a tight draw and high nicotine content, resembling the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

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How Do Disposable Pens Work?

Disposables are draw-activated, and no need for a button. You’ll find a battery, a tiny chipset, a juice reservoir, and disposables. The reservoir is a filament material soaked in e-juice with a coil.


When you draw on the mouthpiece, the chipset detects airflow and activates the battery. The coil heats up, vaporising e-juice, and produces vapour. Disposable vapes are designed as all-in-one units with no replaceable parts. They are meant to be used until the battery dies or the e-juice is depleted. Avoid attempting to take them apart and dispose of them properly in electronic waste recycling.

What Does It Mean When A Disposable Vape Blinks?

The blinking light servers user that the device needs to be replaced or recharged. In some cases, the blinking may occur while vaping, signalling a low battery or potential issue. The light’s colour can vary depending on the brand and model. Consult the user manual or manufacturer’s instructions.

How Long Do Disposables Last?

Disposables typically come with a puff count and liquid capacity. Smaller disposables with up to 600 or 800 puffs generally last a day or two, depending on usage frequency and puff duration. Larger disposables can last from a few days to a week of regular daily use. 

The lifespan of a disposable ultimately depends on individual vaping habits and preferences. It’s essential to consider these factors when estimating how long a specific disposable will last. You should get your e-cigarettes from trustworthy online vape shops to avoid getting counterfeits.

Why Do Disposables Sometimes Taste Burnt?

A burnt taste in disposables usually occurs when the e-liquid runs out, but the battery continues to heat the coil. This can result in a dry hit that tastes unpleasant. Rechargeable disposables may be more prone to this issue. It’s essential to stop using the vape when vapour production diminishes, and it feels dry to avoid burnt hits. Once a disposable starts tasting burnt, it cannot be fixed and should be discarded.


Choosing between rechargeable and single-use disposable vapes depends on personal preferences and vaping habits. Rechargeable disposables provide flexibility and customisation options, while single-use disposables offer hassle-free convenience. Individuals must consider cost, sustainability, and convenience when deciding which type of disposable pen suits their needs best.