Health 101: Top 10 Side Effects of Biopolymers Injections

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As more individuals become obsessed with their appearance, surgical and non-surgical cosmetic methods are fast gaining appeal globally.  

Biopolymer injections have become more common in women as they can achieve a perfect figure within a short time. In a race to get a picture-perfect body, many women adopt illegal ways of augmenting body features.

One of these illegal methods is the use of biopolymer silicone injections. Silicon injections are often used secretively by salons and home-based businesses. 

People who administer silicone injections are typically untrained or inept, which has disastrous consequences for those who use these injections for cosmetic purposes.

In 2017, FDA issued a warning against the illegal use of silicone injections for body reshaping due to its hazardous consequences on health. 

Continue reading as we unveil the catastrophic side effects of using biopolymer injections on a person’s health. 

Bipolymer Injections – Delusion vs. Reality 

Silicone fillers or biopolymer injections are permanent fillers used for enhancing appearance. Both men and women get these injections to beautify their lips, cheeks, buttocks, cheekbones, breasts, legs, and arms and give them a fuller, rounder look. 

Silicone injections can be filled into areas near the eyes, face creases, and on the forehead to remove wrinkles and fine lines. These injections use non-biocompatible materials that are extremely hazardous to health. 

While many clinics, salons, spas, and private home companies may advocate its advantages, the truth is quite the opposite. 91% of women who went for breast augmentation through silicone injections reported breast implant leakage, and 39% suffered breast cancer in later stages. 

A report claimed that black-market silicone injections could kill a person. This is only a glimpse of the petrifying list of side effects these injections can cause. However, biopolymer removal is a safe procedure to remove hazardous silicone substances from your body. 

Experienced surgeons can either opt for open surgery or laser procedure to move foreign substances from your body.

Here are some of the most devastating side effects of biopolymer injections:

The Results are Only Temporary

Many people spend a great deal of money trying to perfect their looks. 

No matter how amazing the results may be, the fact is that they are just temporary and won’t last more than six months. This is because liquid silicone tends to melt away within months and spread to other parts of the body. 

To maintain their synthetic beauty, people repeat this process time and again and poison their bodies with more silicone. 

Biopolymers are similar to addiction in that the more you take up, the worse it gets for your health. 

Irreversible Scarring

While silicone injections make you look younger, they can also cause lumps, ridges, and permanent scars. 

The more you inject silicone into your body, the worse the lumps and scarring get. Even when a surgeon has to remove the substance, surgical methods will only increase irreversible scars. 

Physical Complications

Silicone tends to spread to other parts and organs of your body. If liquid silicone gets released from implants, it can migrate to other parts of the body and can induce cell death. 

Moreover, when dispersed throughout the body, silicone can block blood vessels in critical organs like the heart, brain, and lungs, leading to life-threatening conditions. 

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People who receive silicone also complain of chest discomfort and breathing issues. If silicone blocks major blood vessels, people can even suffer from stroke. Blocked vessels also result in the dysfunctioning and weakening of vital muscles.

Fatal Outcomes

As mentioned above, there are reports of fatal outcomes of biopolymer injections, and this is why FDA has strictly warned against the use of unapproved injections for cosmetic purposes. 

Silicone diffusion throughout the body causes embolism, leading to heart failure, heart attacks, stroke, and lung dysfunction, which can result in death if intensified. 

Loss of Skin

When people get silicone injections illegally from incompetent clinicians, it can result in adverse skin reactions and significant skin loss. 

You might experience swelling, hardening of skin & granuloma around the injection site, itching, and constant burning. 

The non-biocompatible materials in these injections cause a variety of skin infections as well as skin discoloration. 

Toxic Reactions

Silicone is highly toxic to the body and may cause lumps, irritation, and ridges. Since the human body is not suited to deal with certain foreign items, the body rejects these materials and initiates a natural response to attempt to remove or kill the object. 

The natural resistance may cause severe inflammation, intense discomfort, rashes, or even necrosis. If left untreated, these injected toxins may spread throughout your body, causing more harm.

Side Effects of Bipolymer Injections in Breast

Illegal silicone injections for breast augmentation may cause hardness, discomfort, discoloration, or stretch marks. In rare cases, silicone granuloma can progress into breast carcinoma in women.

Side Effects of Bipolymer Injections in Buttocks

Many men and women have reported the formation of lumps and rashes after injections in the buttocks. It can also result in numerous health issues, such as sagging, irritation, and hardness on the injection site. 

Injecting these materials into the buttocks can also cause them to travel to the spinal column, which can be deadly.

ASIA Syndrome

The autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) syndrome is common in people who use illegal adjuvant-containing silicone injections for cosmetic purposes, especially when a biopolymer substance is injected into the buttocks. It hastens the progression of autoimmune disorders. 

The common symptoms associated with ASIA syndrome are chronic fatigue, myalgias, neurological impairment or deterioration, cognitive problems, and dry mouth.

Open wounds, sores, and Botched Results

Infected incisions or openings can lead to open wounds. Injecting this foreign substance can lead to infection, which takes time to heal. It’s common for biopolymer injections to cause chronic infections that need antibiotics or extensive surgery. 

A silicone injection can also leave you with a deformed, lumpy, hard, and oddly-shaped derriere. 

Final Thoughts

Illegal use of biopolymer injections almost always results in complications and adverse side effects. You should prefer safe cosmetic surgery from authorized clinics to enhance your looks. Even if you have previously received silicone injections, you can get it removed through silicone removal procedures.