4 Tips to Prevent and Reduce Foot Pain


There are several causes that can lead to pain in our feet and most of them can be treated and/or controlled by using foot pain relief socks, while others can be completely prevented from occurring in the first place. On that note, here are four helpful tips that should come in handy for those of us that are currently concerned with foot pain, be it chronic or acute in nature.

Prevention: Avoid Walking Barefoot

There are plenty of disadvantages to walking barefoot and some of them can be summed up as follows:

  • It strains the soles of your feet, which can lead to inflammation, irritation and pain
  • You can contract HPV, which leads to plantar warts
  • Other infections such as athlete’s foot and most other forms of feet infections can easily invade bare feet
  • It can lead to cuts and bruises, which can get infected easily and may lead to a foot abscess or even cellulitis

While there are a few advantages to walking barefoot as well, the dangers are far too serious to take the risk.

Treatment: Wear a Cushion Inside Your Shoes

Insoles have developed a podiatric orthotic heel-to-toe cushion known as Superfeet Insoles, and they work like a charm to both control and prevent foot pain caused by feet and ankle abnormalities, while wearing covered shoes. Even if you do not have any significant foot abnormality, but experience pain or discomfort while wearing stress-inducing shoes such as high heels, dress shoes or boots, the arch support provided by insoles can help to reduce or even completely prevent such occurrences in the first place.

Prevention: Wear Roomy Shoes Only

Ideally, a shoe should be a perfect fit, but if you cannot find something that fits perfectly and must choose between wearing tight or loose shoes, always choose the pair which feels a bit loose. It might go against what we were all taught as children, but know that it is better to be a little awkward in a pair of shoes that are a size bigger than your feet, than to be uncomfortable in a pair that fits too tightly. In case you are still undecided about this, consider that wearing shoes that are too tight can lead to hammer toes, crossed toes, corns and ingrown toenails in healthy individuals, while diabetics even put themselves at risk of losing their feet from wearing tight shoes.

Treatment and Prevention: Stretch Your Feet

Stretching our feet on a daily basis is an extremely important part of foot care, as it keeps the feet flexible and strong through the years. In fact, the improved blood flow will likely improve any joint-related foot pain that you might be experiencing at the moment.

As a general point to note, it should always be remembered that if you experience a sudden, unexplainable pain in one or both feet that wasn’t there before, it is time to consult a doctor as soon as possible and figure out the reason behind it. Most causes that lead to unexplained foot pain are treatable and even curable in some cases, but chances of recovery diminish the more you wait.