9 Awesome Tips About CBD Dabs From Unlikely Sources


CBD dabs, or rather CBD concentrates, are among the most favorite CBD products today.  New CBD concentrates are continually entering the market due to the advancements in CBD oil extraction and infusion technologies.

The majority of concentrates available today come from familiar sources such as cannabis and hemp. Some CBD dabs are, however, derived from unique or rather unlikely sources. Their uniqueness comes from their high potency and remarkably high terpene profiles. 

Unique CBD dabs have tons of benefits, including powerful therapeutic attributes and health benefits. These nine tips about CBD dabs from unlikely sources best explains these products in depth. 

They Are Awesomely Formulated

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CBD dabs derived from unique sources are well formulated. Such products aren’t made using any isolate as most CBD concentrates. Only pure CBD isolate is used to make the dabs, which ensure the quality remains intact.

Each concentrate is made from a fresh isolate, giving superior final products. Moreover, the CBD isolate used on these products is extracted in advanced labs. The isolate is then infused in the same labs. That’s why you should buy CBD dabs in the US, whose quality is guaranteed. 

CBD dabs from unique sources are different from the ordinary CBD dabs, which are manufactured using inorganic isolates and then infused in different labs. Ordinary CBD dabs are also designed from a single isolate, which isn’t pure and fresh; hence their quality is way low. As a result, the end products have weak potency and terpene profile.

They Are innovatively Designed

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Unique CBD concentrates come from potent hemp strains resulting from innovative farming practices.  Such concentrates also taste better than their ordinary counterparts. 

The dabs are innovatively designed with the cannabis user in mind. They pack beneficial cannabinoids, amino acids, and terpenes. The products’ manufacturing standards are high to ensure they aren’t sticky like most concentrates.

They Come In Multiple Forms

CBD dabs are further designed to suit multiple forms. The fact that they aren’t FDA- regulated enables their manufacturers to be creative while designing them. Whether a user wants a potent wax or tasty shatter, or any form of CBD concentrate, they will get it right away.

The Manufacturing Process Is Different

Ideally, concentrates are made by extracting hemp oil. The extraction process utilizes solvents such as propane, ethanol, alcohol, or butane. Concentrates from unique sources are made using a completely different process. 

The process doesn’t focus on isolating a single component such as CBD from hemp oil. Instead, it focuses on extracting beneficial cannabinoids from the natural hemp oil. The process is more prolonged and time-involving. Nonetheless, it guarantees a high-quality final product.

 An Extremely High CBD Concentration 

Concentrates have different CBD concentrations. The vast numbers of concentrates have a limited CBD concentration. However, CBD dabs from unique sources have high CBD concentration.

The CBD profile in them is too high because of the potent strains used. Also, they pack the most desirable terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Above all, they have no chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids. These three components are potentially harmful to long-term users.

Strict Quality Control

CBD dabs from unique sources boast strict quality control as opposed to the ordinary concentrates. They are lab-tested to guarantee strict quality control. But tons of concentrates today aren’t lab-tested tested. The FDA is, however, cracking the whip on manufacturers marketing unapproved new concentrates. 

Only Experts Make Them 

Anyone can make CBD dabs from their home these days. However, the concentrate’s quality will differ based on the expertise of whoever is making the dabs. That explains why concentrate differs in quality.

Dabs from unlikely sources can’t be made by anyone. Only experts with robust formulation knowledge can make them. Such experts know the right, unique sources to use for their concentrates. 

They Aren’t Aggressively Marketed

Concentrates made for commercial reasons are aggressively marketed. Their creators know their quality is questionable, prompting them to market vigorously. Dabs from unique sources aren’t aggressively marketed.

Instead, their high quality is what markets them. Manufacturers don’t include deceiving information on their packaging. They clearly outline credible, trusted, and verifiable details on their products’ packaging.

Most Are 100% Safe

The unfortunate reality with most concentrates these days is that they are infused with inorganic components. Such components allow for a considerable variation in both the safety and quality of concentrates. 

Dabs from unique sources are different. They are mixed with organic ingredients that meet safety and quality standards. Their infusion happens under great care to ensure the safety of the cannabis user.  Manufacturers of these products research on the safety of the components they are infusing with their products. 


Concentrates are great when derived from the right source.  Most importantly, the perfect concentrates are those made from unique sources that haven’t been exploited before. Switch to a unique concentrate for optimal gains.