The Most Effective Ways to Treat Synthetic Drugs Addiction

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Trying to overcome an addiction is much more manageable if you know the best way to do it. Especially if it’s synthetic drugs, you are trying to leave behind. We want to help, so we have prepared a guide on the most effective ways to treat synthetic drugs addiction! 

Starting with detox

The detox process is the proper way to start treating synthetic drug addiction. No matter what treatment you opt for afterward, substance addiction always requires the addict to go through this process. Know, however, that it will not be easy to go through this. First, of course, there’s the mental component of addiction to worry about, which will perpetually drive the addict back to their regular habits. Of much greater worry is the physical side of things. One of the reasons we wholeheartedly recommend that detox be done in a facility or through a detox program is that things can go very quickly. Even if the addict is in relatively good health, they could go into shock during detox if things go wrong. Not to mention the fact that the process can last around a month for long-term addicts.

The support of family

Another way to treat synthetic drugs addiction is through the support of family and loved ones. After all, the most challenging part of letting go of any habit is resisting the urge to relapse. While doing so through professional medical and psychological assistance can be beneficial, once you are out of treatment, the safety net and checks disappear, and you are on your own again. This can easily make a drug addict reach for their substance once again. After all, if the only thing preventing them from relapsing is strict supervision, then it should come as no surprise that they start slipping once it’s gone.

On the other hand, the help of loved ones is consistent. And their presence reminds the addict of why they are trying to ditch their addiction in the first place. This method is often much more effective and long-lasting.

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Inpatient drug addiction treatment programs

For those who do need greater assistance and supervision to get started, an excellent way to treat synthetic drugs addiction is through inpatient treatment programs. The whole basis of the treatment plan is simple: the addict is placed in a comfortable and structured environment where they will not be able to encounter temptations and have professionals working with them. The duration of inpatient treatment is typically fixed but can be customized to the patient in question. In fact, the experts from Bright Futures Treatment Center recommend going through inpatient treatment at least shortly since the medical professionals on hand will be able to monitor the health condition of the addict and prevent any tragedies that could have occurred due to sudden complications. Health complications are not guaranteed when going through addiction treatment, but they are possible due to the strain the process puts on an individual.

Outpatient drug addiction treatment programs

Outpatient drug addiction treatment is a good way to start easing the former addict back into everyday life. The program is for those who are still at risk of relapse but who want to take active steps to better themselves and their situation. As such, the patient is mostly free to return to their everyday life. Except with regularly scheduled meetings, checkups, and even mental health workshops. The details somewhat depend on the individual clinic or center providing the treatment programs. However, the commonalities still allow us to recommend it to anyone looking to be more active during their drug addiction recovery.

Support groups as safety nets

We mentioned before that it could be difficult to maintain one’s conviction when you are out of an active treatment program. For some, even the help of loved ones is not always enough, partly due to feeling isolated and the perceived inability of their loved ones to fully understand them and their addiction. In such cases, participating in a support group can help treat synthetic drug addiction immensely. After all, they would not only be surrounded by people who understand their experiences fully, but they will also be able to come in contact with individuals who have fought addiction and overcome it. This can be an amazing boost of confidence, and the advice they can get here can be invaluable. It is not uncommon for people with mental health issues to reach for drugs, after all, which makes managing their mental health medications after treatment a potential issue.

Resisting the allure of synthetic meth, cocaine and other ‘hard’ drugs

Note that one of the reasons why synthetic drugs are such an issue is because they are perceived as ‘safe’. This does come with the benefit of being able to avoid the most grievous damage to an addict’s health. But it provides another source of temptation to slip back into the habit. The strength of the drugs, too, is much greater than their ‘regular’ counterparts. It is limited only by the wishes of the designer rather than the materials used to make it. So, if you or your loved one start struggling and are on the verge of relapse, whether it’s meth rehab or one of the other ‘hard’ synthetic drugs, seek professional assistance immediately. It is much more important to prevent relapse than it is to overcome the challenge on your own.

Redirecting urges

Once you’re past the critical phase, a good way to treat synthetic drugs addiction is to redirect all those urges. In other words, you need to find something you enjoy doing, either as a hobby or professionally. It is surprising how much physical activity helps empty one’s mind of unnecessary thoughts. As such, picking up a sport or working out will both help battle your urges and be healthy for you. Of course, you can always inform yourself more and find something you enjoy doing better.

A brighter future

With our guide on the most effective ways to treat synthetic drugs addiction, you’ll be able to overcome your condition. Or help a loved one do it. If you ever struggle, remember the future you are fighting for and stay true to your hopes.