The importance of technology in modern medicine

3d printing

Modern medicine is directly impacted by the latest technological developments. The introduction of this technology has allowed for better diagnosis and treatment of patients, ultimately contributing to the saving of people’s lives. 

We’ll be looking at just how important technology is in our modern healthcare system.


Discussions began in the mid-20th century about the introduction of computers and technology in the world of medicine and healthcare. It was believed that this equipment could assist healthcare professionals in their role, helping to determine specific diagnoses and contribute to the treatment of each patient.

Our world is constantly developing and so is technology. The healthcare industry and technology work hand in hand together to achieve fast results and provide the correct information and treatment to help doctors save lives on a daily basis. 

Key health tech developments

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are widely used across medical practices. They are commonly found in pacemakers for cardiovascular treatment, as well as within MRI machines and many other health tech devices.

Using PCB design software can help custom create circuit boards for any application, giving you the ability to make very small circuit boards. These are especially helpful when using small monitoring devices which need to be placed inside the body to determine various factors, such as body temperature.

Data handling and management

Technology has allowed healthcare practitioners to easily store and retrieve the relevant data about a patient, providing simple yet secure access to their medical records.

This makes it easier to identify previous illnesses and the potential causes of a new illness. It also allows doctors to look at their family history, helping them to determine whether they have a genetic or hereditary illness. Without this technology, doctors would struggle to gain access to this vital information.

3D printing

3D printing has been around for many years and is a vital component in the healthcare industry. This technology is ideal for creating implants and prototypes for artificial prosthetics. It has the ability to create perfectly matching limbs so the patient has extra comfort and mobility.

This technology also plays a vital role in the training of future doctors, helping to prepare them for real-life operations. As 3D printing can create various pieces of medical equipment, this helps to reduce costs and time spent waiting to receive medical equipment from external suppliers.

Future of technology in healthcare

Technology continues to develop and so will our healthcare system. With upcoming advances such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and robotics, it’s important for healthcare professionals to stay knowledgeable and learn how humans and technology can work together to be successful in the healthcare industry.

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