The Increased Importance of Evacuation Chairs

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Every so often, a new device comes along that helps save lives. Like any new invention, it can take some time before the general population realizes its worth, and that name becomes a household word. However, when medical professionals demonstrate that new technology can save lives, people see that new invention as essential. 

What is a Stair Chair?

This increased awareness is exactly what is happening in the case of evacuation chairs, otherwise known as star chairs. Such devices are of the utmost value to the average citizen because stair chairs allow a single person to help someone who has mobility issues to descend a staircase safely and quickly.

Easy to Operate

The good news about evacuation chairs is that while they are frequently used by medical professionals, such as emergency responders, they are easy to operate. In many cases, when an emergency occurs in a building that contains more than one floor, the only means of exit is to use an emergency stairway. At such times, those who are unable to descend stairs face the risk of being left behind in a building that is on fire or in the midst of another critical situation until emergency response teams arrive. 

When a stair chair is present in the building at all times, it can be used in such situations to ensure that everyone in the building is able to reach safety as quickly as possible. 

Senior Citizens and Emergencies

While anyone that is a senior citizen in your family might be able to use a stairway with confidence at the current time, unfortunately, they are prone to suffering injuries that could prevent this possibility in the future. As in the case of an injury or new medical issue, an emergency can strike at any time. 

For many seniors, descending a stairway is already a difficulty if not intolerable. Due to all of the circumstances, it is always the case that keeping stair chairs for seniors on hand in a residence where using an emergency stairway is required to evacuate increases their chances of safety. 

The Case of Defibrillators

Not so long ago, it was difficult to find a defibrillator installed in most locations outside of medical use in a hospital. Many unnecessary deaths occurred that could have been prevented if only people had realized the value of this equipment. 

That’s because an average citizen can use a defibrillator to save the life of a person experiencing cardiac arrest. Similarly, all it takes is one average citizen to operate a stair chair to ensure that another person can reach safety rather than get left behind. 

While it is not a legal requirement for every large building to keep a stair chair on the premises, it is obvious that doing so can save lives. All people deserve equal access when it comes to risk in the case of emergencies. Talk to a company that manufactures stair chairs to learn more about the benefits of this invaluable device.