The Effects of Rocking Chairs – The Healthy Seating

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Whenever we see or hear rocking chairs, it brings nostalgia as it has been an icon for many generations, especially in the US. People use them to relax, ending the day with much comfort.

Many people acknowledge Benjamin Franklin as the creator of the rocking chair, but there is no historical record. One thing is sure; rocking chairs have been with us since the early 18th century.

Although they have existed for many years, some of us ask, are rocking chairs good for you?

Rocking chairs offer many benefits; they can help us relax and become more comfortable. Aside from the comfort it gives, it also has a lot of positive effects on our health.

Allows us to sleep better

More and more people are having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is necessary to rest your body and mind. It frees your brain from the negativity that makes you stay awake.

After a long day at work, you can take a rest in your rocking chair and rock it moderately. The motion will ease your feelings, making you relax. It’ll make you feel a little dizzy, and you’re already sleeping the next thing you know.

Sleeping aids are popular with people. They ask the doctor to prescribe medication to help them fall asleep. Most of them contain antihistamines, antidepressants, and benzodiazepines, which can cause side effects.

With a rocking chair, you’ll be able to sleep better without worrying about adverse effects caused by sleeping aids.

It keeps our brain healthy

As we age, our cognitive skills diminish. One of the most common mental conditions we might face is memory loss.

There are plenty of factors that can affect our brain’s health. Stress and anxiety are the most common. These two things can result in dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Aside from these two, COVID-19 can also cause memory loss, according to a study.

Rocking can help alleviate distressing emotional conditions, such as stress and anxiety. The motion releases endorphins that we naturally release whenever we feel negative. These hormones are the key to improving our well-being.

In a study, people who rock often were able to increase their memory. They were given a memory test and could remember things the next day three times faster than those who didn’t rock.

Faster recovery from surgery

If you’ve undergone a medical operation, it would be difficult for you to move around. You need to rest, but it would be difficult to get back in shape. In most cases, you would try to walk around, but it would be a little tough as there is still pain.

Rocking chairs are great at improving recovery from surgeries. It’s a moderate exercise that allows your blood flow to stabilize. A better blood flow means faster recovery as the blood circulates well throughout your body.

The most common types of surgery that rocking chairs are perfect for are abdominal and knee surgeries. All you have to do is sit, rock the chair, and allow the motion to improve your blood flow. 

Lowers alcohol cravings

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Drinking alcoholic beverages is part of humans. We tend to drink when we are happy or sad. However, it’s addictive, and we can become dependent on it.

Once we start craving alcohol, it will be tough to quit it. It would take a lot of effort to lessen alcohol intake. According to a study, it would be nice for your body once you’ve successfully reduced your alcohol cravings because drinking is linked with cancer.

Sitting on a rocking chair can lessen your alcohol cravings. You won’t have many thoughts of going out for a drink because the motion is soothing. It’s very relaxing that you don’t need a glass of wine to unwind.

Instead, you can grab a cup of coffee and read a book. It’s highly effective in the morning as you set the day right.

Reduces falls

As we age, our physical body becomes weak. It makes our posture more unstable, making us prone to falls.

We cannot stop aging, especially within our bodies. However, we can train our bodies to become more stable and flexible.

Rocking every day reduces falls, especially for senior citizens. The stiffness of their joints loses, allowing them to become more flexible and control their body.

Aside from making our bodies flexible, rocking chairs can stimulate the inner canals of our ears, as they are responsible for our sensory perceptions, keeping us stable.

Whenever your head moves, the fluid inside the canal stimulates the nerve endings, sending impulses to our brains. Rocking promotes fluid movement, improving our sense of balance.

Rock For A Better Lifestyle

A rocking chair might be simple furniture at home, but it provides many health benefits for you and your family. The healthcare seating is not only applicable to adults because even infants can enjoy its motion for better sleep.

Rocking chairs will continue to be wonderful healthcare furniture for every home. So enjoy rocking for a better, healthier life ahead.