The Bright Side Of Decriminalizing Cannabis

marijuana plant

The legal status of substances like marijuana and cannabis was not nearly as controversial in the 70s and  80s as it is today. The criminal status for possession, sale, and consumption of cannabis created a lot of blockages within the system, turning it into everyone’s problem. Thankfully, many Canadian provinces and countries are coming around to legalizing the use of these substances. As a result, we have many great things to look up, apart from successful cancer research. Let’s take a look at the bright side!

Reduction in adulteration:

With it being legalized, there has been a massive reduction in adulteration since customers can simply buy a low price bud from dispensaries. We’ve all heard plenty of horror stories about adulteration in alternative healthcare substances. Cannabis was not an exclusion from the mix. Due to the illegal status of cannabis in several states in the past, suppliers randing from an underground potter to a cartel often added chemicals to change the potency of these substances. However, this reduced the efficacy of the health benefits of cannabis and marijuana. Instead, it showed highly lethal side effects and addictive tendencies which are generally not part of the pure cannabis supply.

People readily seeking help:

When cannabis was still under stringent restrictions, people would avoid seeking medical help for any mishap, accident, or health condition. This behavior can be attributed to the bloodwork showing the presence of CBD or THC traces, which was punishable by law. Today, it’s a relief to see that people don’t suffer in silence just because they consume CBD products with the fear of being punished.

Regulated markets and supply:

The illegal supply of drugs in the market always spikes when they are not permissible by law in a certain state. Most of the ‘clean’ states are zones where the highest amount of trafficking could be observed. Once marijuana and cannabis were legalized, these illegal sellers lost their market. It also helps the government and certified dispensaries profit from consumerism.

Consumers are more likely to be responsible:

People consuming cannabis products don’t scamper around when found smoking up today because the law allows it. Rather than exhibiting risky behaviors such as venturing into unstable environments for privacy, people can now smoke a joint in the privacy of their homes or even outside in permissible zones. This creates a safer environment for everyone, be it consumers or non-consumers.

Growth of the cannabis industry:

The cannabis and marijuana industry has seen a huge influx of profitability, business ideas, and expansion since the legalization move. Since the products support the recreational and holistic health of consumers, cannabis being legalized opened doorways for innovative entrepreneurs to research these substances and create new products that actually help. Today, cannabis has given rise to several industries, including cannabis travel, which is a highly lucrative business.

Wrapping Up:

As we can see from the study above, there have been several rays of light as a result of cannabis decriminalization. You’ll find that a society that promotes conscious consumption without outright bans is a far more stable environment to thrive in. We hope that we see many medical breakthroughs related to cannabis this year!