The Amazing Varieties of Pasta


Pasta is a very popular food all around the world, but in Italy, you can say it’s a staple food. And they just own it with their 300 varieties of different shaped pasta types, each one has their own characteristic and specialty. Here are few details of the widely eaten pasta and also my favorite.


It is also the name of the popular dish which is good from this pasta type. They are flat noodles that are about 2 inches wide and 13 inches long with sides made either flat or wavy. This noodles pasta is available in dried regular or non-boil varieties. This dish is prepared layer by layer using cheese, meat or veggies, and tomato or creamy sauce.


They are long flat ribbon-like pasta noodles. This thick pasta type is traditionally made up of egg and flour, or you can also get spinach fettuccine which is made from egg, flour and spinach paste. The fettuccine pasta is traditionally made fresh and used in dishes. The most famous dish made with this pasta includes fettuccine, Alfredo.


These are long strands like spaghetti which is flattened on both sides. It is narrower than fettuccine. The name linguine means “little tongues” in Italian.

You can get many varieties of this fresh pasta linguine made from both white flour and whole wheat flour and most originally made from durum wheat.

And in fact, this linguine pasta has a whole day 15 September dedicated to celebrating these noodles. You can buy any variety of linguine pasta online. The dishes which are made using linguine pasta are often served with slightly more substantial seafood or pesto or also with a moderately made chunky sauces like pepper linguine with Mozzarella cheese. The de Cecco linguine pasta is most commonly prepared and bought pasta types online.


These are twisted spiral-shaped pasta. Its name translates to “small wheel”. The shape of rotini pasta is similar to fusilli, but the spirals are a bit tight. This pasta type is popular with children for its fun shape. They are generally used in salad and cooked with tomato sauce, cream sauces or oil-based cheese sauces. It is an excellent option to make baked dishes like white wine garlic, chicken sausage cheese pasta, and more.


They are dry tubular types of pasta which come in different length and sizes such as penne and ziti.

This pasta shape is used in a wide variety of dishes. However the most popular among is Mac and cheese dish, and it can also be topped up with other veggies or meat.


This pasta is long ribbon-shaped pasta similar to fettuccine but thinner. These blend well in any sauces and can be served with meat or Bolognese sauce and garnished with nuts, basil, cheese and oregano.


These are considered to be the oldest pasta variety. This pasta is prepared from an eggless dough and then rolled into small shells that look like tiny hot dog buns. You can commonly cook this pasta with broccoli or broccoli rabe or sausages.


These are types of pasta which is like a filling enveloped in thin, egg-based pasta dough. They generally come in square or circular shape and are stuffed with meat, cheese or veggies.


This pasta looks like small wheels, and in fact, the name Rotelle means “little Wheel” in Italian. And its shape makes it perfect for getting soaked up in any type of sauces and catching all chunks of meat or vegetables put in the dish.


Their shape looks like cute little ears. The ridged cup-like shape makes it perfect for capturing Chunky sauces and scoops up small vegetables and makes it perfect to be served with sautés. Some of the popular dishes prepared are orecchiette with broccoli, pancetta, peas, and cream, etc.

Simple seafood linguine prepared using spicy prawns to give it a chili kick. Just buy linguine pasta and cook this dish and many others like linguine carbonara green vegetarian linguine and more. So, cook and satisfy your pasta cravings.