Surrogacy and Surrogacy agencies: What are the variants?

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Being parents can be challenging and hardworking, but it is leveled by all sincere emotions which the baby gives you. Surrogate motherhood provides a gift of parenting for all people who face infertility challenges. Surrogacy can be your ideal way of baby birth.

ADONIS Surrogacy clinic in Ukraine

As for Surrogacy Infertility treatment, Ukraine is considered to be one of the most loyal and legally based countries.

Art. 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine exclusively regulates Surrogate motherhood process and relations between the sides. According to this article, the spouse (Intended parents) is recognized as the parent of a child born with the usage of assisted reproductive technologies and the Surrogate.

Such a stable legislation protects both parties of the process – the Intended parents and the Surrogate. It facilitates the paperwork with the birth certificate and taking the child out from Ukraine to the hometown of the parents (in case the Intended parents are foreigners). 

The Intended parents are regarded to be the parents of the baby from the moment of conception. 

The Surrogate, at the same time, is ensured to be totally secured in terms of maintenance (both medical and household) throughout the entire pregnancy period. 

Surrogate mother role

Surrogate is a woman who bears the child which is not biological to her. She gives birth to a baby of Intended parents according to the terms and conditions prescribed in the Agreement (if such is legally possible in the country you chose for treatment). 

Surrogate mother comes through the multi-stage examination process to be included into the Surrogate list firstly. 

In ADONIS Fertility International there is a special Department working with applications for Surrogacy. Professional managers are working out every candidate to be sure of their suitability.

ADONIS Fertility initial selection for Surrogate candidate include the following criteria:

  • Medical health history 
  • Health state (body mass index, chronic diseases, genetic predisposition)
  • Age 
  • Pregnancy and delivery experience 
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Status of relationships (approval from the official partner for Surrogacy)

Every aspect is really important for successful conception. ADONIS Fertility International provides the best selected candidates for Surrogacy which creates a comfortable atmosphere with the highest chances to deliver a healthy baby without complications. 

Opportunities for foreigners

The situation with Surrogacy can be controversial in different parts of the world or even parts of the country. 

The USA legislation, for example, differs from state to state, Surrogacy permissibility too.

For the safety and convenience of our foreigner patients, ADONIS Fertility International created the Headquarter in Colorado Springs, USA with only highly professional managers which will give you all the information. 

ADONIS Fertility International in the USA provide the following services:

  • Professional consultation
  • Infertility Program selection
  • Legal and paperwork assistance
  • Payments variants awareness
  • Start of the Infertility Program
  • Surrogate mother selection in distance
  • Genetic material transport assistance 
  • Help with journey to Ukraine

In the variety of Surrogacy agencies it is essential to choose the one that fits you well and meets your needs. 

With ADONIS Fertility International you will be provided with an individually adapted treatment plan and well-developed initial consultation to sort things out.

ADONIS is only perfect service, the highest level medical assistance and effective treatment – with powerful facilities in Ukraine and good terms for the people from the whole world.