7 Easy Suggestions to Combat Laziness and Make Yoga Enjoyable

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Yoga is a crucial component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical appearance. Many people have committed their time and energy to yoga and achieved success in living healthy and happy lives. They have successfully transformed yoga from a physical fitness regimen to a way of life.

However, it could become challenging for certain people to practice yoga consistently. They could become preoccupied with daily tasks or struggle to find the right inspiration to keep practicing yoga.

There could be numerous distractions that could interrupt concentration. This article will assist you if you are having problems concentrating when practicing yoga or if you feel like you need some more encouragement.

Here is a list of guidelines you may use to make yoga enjoyable and engaging so that you will no longer feel lazy.

1. Use Scented Candles

While doing yoga, you need absolute focus and peace of mind. Since smell is one of our primary senses, a great way to boost our focus is through some sweet aromatic fragrance. 

There are a lot of scented candles that you might find at your local gift shop. Some popular scented candles include pumpkin, lavender, lemon, rose, peppermint, and so on. Lighting up these candles and filling the room with a beautiful aroma will definitely cheer you up for a peaceful yoga session.

2. Bright Clothes

Now wearing bright clothes might seem weird, but trust us, it works. Researchers have claimed multiple times that bright colors help the mind be fresh and active and even help improve focus.

Yoga is an activity that works not only your body but also your mind. It needs absolute focus to be effective. Henceforth, we suggest you wear bright-colored clothes and perform yoga in a room with sufficient lighting.

It will keep your mind active and help you focus on your physical activities.

3. Yoga Poses to Do with Friends

Everything is much more fun and exciting when you do it with friends. Yoga is no exception. Invite your best friend over, and the two of you can do some interesting yoga poses to make you and your friend look forward to every yoga session. 

Here are some common yoga poses to do with your friends :

Team Seated Twist:

This yoga is excellent for two people, especially if either of you is new to yoga. This seated yoga position is helpful for your back and your core.

Chair Pose:

This pose is excellent if you want to strengthen your legs and core. Your hamstrings will face a lot of stress so be ready to feel the burn!

Double Downward Facing Dog:

Downward facing dog is a popular yoga pose. When you include another person in this, you get the double downward facing dog. Much more complex than the other two poses so be sure your body is relaxed and stretched adequately before attempting this.

Child Pose Assist:

This is a great pose to conclude your yoga session. Your body will obviously be worn out by the end. This pose will help relax your muscles and loosen up your body so it can recover fast.

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4. Chill to Soothing Music

Music helps relax your brain and improves your ability to focus on certain details. So, listening to some music while doing your yoga poses will not only make things more exciting but make things more enjoyable as well.

You can use some wireless headphones to listen to some smooth jazz or ballad, or you can also use big speakers that cover the entire room. 

Pick whichever one you fancy, and immediately notice how much difference it makes.

5. Hire an Instructor

Getting an instructor will not only make sure that you stick to your daily yoga routine, but it will also ensure that you do the correct poses in the right way.

You can hire any professional yoga instructor. You can search online and check for a yoga instructor who has excellent reviews and has completed the necessary yoga teacher training, or you can contact your local gym to find a yoga instructor there.

A good instructor could help you achieve your goal physique in a short amount of time and also combat any existing chronic pain issues.

6. Stick to a Routine 

If you do random exercise at random times of the day, chances are you will not feel motivated and will not feel the need to perform yoga daily. 

Yoga or any physical exercise requires a strict routine that you must follow every day. Your routine should include which days you will perform yoga, which poses you will be doing, and how long you will be doing all these poses. 

Once you fix your routine, stick to it. Soon enough, you will see that you are treating yoga as a habit rather than just a form of exercise.

7. Know Your Body and Limits

Knowing your own physical limits is crucial. Each person has a unique physical ability. While some people are born with naturally flexible bodies, others find it challenging to do the most basic poses. Yoga practitioners who push themselves beyond what their bodies can handle get unmotivated and stop practicing.

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You must, therefore, accurately comprehend what your body needs and how much stress it can handle. 

Start with the basic poses. If you stick to it, you will soon find that you can do poses you once thought impossible.

Final thoughts

All people desire to live healthy lives. For that, one must follow a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Therefore, think about using these suggestions if you feel lethargic before doing yoga. We guarantee that your routine yoga sessions will be much more exciting, and rather than feeling sluggish, you’ll be much more delighted to practice your new yoga pose.

Last but not least, keep in mind that consistency is the key. Try to practice yoga consistently with our helpful advice.