Promoting Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

Considering how packed an everyday schedule of any college student is and how much emphasis is put on the quality of the grades in today’s generally accepted educational system, we can safely say that such an approach to education is unhealthy both mentally and physically. Since every type of assignment that students can be tasked with has an immense impact on their overall grade, we can only imagine how much stress they have to deal with daily on top of any other duties they may have at their college. Due to these reasons, we can see how much weight every student has on their shoulders. Plus, we can only imagine how hard and suffocating it can be trying to shoulder all these burdens young people have to bear constantly without asking for help since many students think that they not supposed to ask for it. Moreover, every person has their unique reasoning, weaknesses, and circumstances, so we cannot judge any student who cannot cope with such an intense learning routine. Thus, it is essential for everyone who is currently studying in college to know how to overcome such difficulties by taking care of their mental and physical health or ask their family, friends, or a professional counselor for help if needed. 

Student health tips that are going to improve your life

The everyday life of an average college or university student is exhausting and tiring, no matter how good your grades are. By continuously overworking yourself to the limit, your health will surely suffer, so we decided to arrange a list of simple but helpful healthcare tips that will surely reduce the chance of contracting many severe ailments during your time at the college or university.

1. Make sure that you sleep no less than 8 hours a day

No matter how many assignments you may have, always make sure to get at least 6 or 7 hours of proper sleep per day. This will help to reduce the effects of continuous mental pressure and keep your energy level full throughout the day. Your body needs to rest and recover after the long day of studying, so it would be best to adjust your sleeping schedule to keep yourself refreshed and healthy.

2. Always remember to eat a properly cooked meal at least twice a day

Your eating habits have a huge influence on your stamina and overall health of your body. Therefore, to prevent a lot of health problems, you need to have at least two proper meals per day that were made from fresh ingredients and had a high concentration of different vitamins and microelements.

3.  Allow yourself to have some fun after a long study session

It is best for you to take some time after your classes to unwind, blow some steam, and relax while doing something fun to significantly reduce the risk of an anxiety attack and depression. Overloading your psyche to its limit with the massive amount of mental pressure every day is the easiest way to get various mental health issues.

4. Do not forget about doing some sport exercises regularly

Considering how many hours you spend per day sitting at your desk, it is easy to forget to exercise your joints and muscles regularly. Doing any sport will not only help you to stay in shape but also help to prevent a lot of diseases at the same time.

5. Do not neglect to take care of your eyesight

Since you spend years reading and writing by more than 8 hours a day, you have to take extreme care of your eyesight. Not only will it prevent the deterioration of your vision, but also you will be less prone to have a headache.

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We sincerely hope that you took all these suggestions to heart, and you will stay strong and healthy during your time in college!