Tips to Stay Fit Even with a busy work schedule

woman exercise

In the 20th century, there wasn’t much demand and need for physical activity as the jobs involved some kind of physical movement. However, starting from the early 2000s, desk jobs came into the picture because of the technology which led to inactivity. 

This inactivity in people led to obesity and made them highly prone to heart diseases and other overweight issues. So, these days everyone is trying to sneak in a workout anytime in the day but many people can’t balance their fitness and work schedules like you reading this article. For all you people, we have listed down a few effective ways that can help you to become more active even with a busy schedule.

1) Prioritize fitness:

This is not only just applicable to fitness but anything in life in general. If you really want to stay fit, prioritize fitness, it’s as simple as that. Cut down the time you spent during the nonworking hours, it could be scrolling social media or watching a movie or anything apart from the work. This time, if you can spend at least half an hour of your time three to five times per week, you are sorted. 

2) Pick an activity that excites you:

If you don’t enjoy your workouts, it’s hard to find time for it. Your workout doesn’t specifically relate to the gym, you can play a sport, go for a run or do any activity that you enjoy. If possible, find a workout partner who is self-motivated to become fitness, that dedication rubs off on you and you will become more motivated towards fitness. 

3) Choose a flexible workout plan:

Your job might require you to travel frequently or require you to stay at the office late nights, in these cases, it’s hard to stick to a gym. So, choose a workout plan that you can do anywhere and anytime. For instance, with resistance bands, you can perform simple movements and you can also do bodyweight movements as well. All you need is a workout mat and a small space to work out. You can also join online programs offered by Sit and Be Fit where they guide you with your exercise programs online or through TV, all you need is a chair. 

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4) Hire a coach:

If you hire a coach, you stay more accountable with your fitness routine. Because you pay your coach, you don’t want to waste that money and instead make full use of it. Along with this, a fitness coach can design efficient fitness programs and help you reach your goal. Once you start noticing your body become fit each passing day, you tend to get self-motivated as you see the results. Also, if you don’t have enough time, a fitness coach can even design a fast and efficient 10 minute HIIT workout that doesn’t need much of your time. In this way, a fitness coach can help you in many ways and make you consistent with your fitness routine.

5) Make fitness a habit:

Like how you bath, eat, sleep and do all the other necessary tasks in a day for survival, consider fitness as a part of that. Assume fitness as a must-have task and include that as a part of your lifestyle. Once you make this habit, you will not leave it that easily. Even on the days when you don’t want to turn up in the gym, just ensure you are present in the gym. This powerful habit will make you a better version of yourself.


One should start their fitness journey, not for short-term goals, but to make it a lifestyle habit so that they stay fit for a lifetime. We hope this article helps you to balance out fitness and work.