Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of a standard and “hacked” Philips WhiteSpeed ​​whitening lamp

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Today’s technology teeth whitening with Philips Zoom is considered the safest alternative, all while being sufficiently accessible for patients. Let’s look at the differences between a standard and a hacked lamp, their main features, and whether a hacked lamp really is that much better than a standard one?

What is Philips WhiteSpeed ​​whitening treatment?

Lamp whitening procedure with a hack Philips Zoom Lamp is the most gentle and safe option available. The principle of operation is based on the use of a special gel, which is supported by hydrogen peroxide and activated by ultraviolet light. As a result, the yellow pigment disappears from teeth and snow-white takes its place. After such a procedure, you can calmly delight yourself and those around you with a Hollywood smile.

The system affects only the enamel, the gums do not overheat. Whitening lamp is installed in such a way that both the lower and upper teeth are whitened at once.

Zoom 3 and zoom 4 lamp – what they are and how they differ

If the system previously actively used zoom 3, today a more modified model is also available – zoom 4. While the first system useda gel with 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, the newest model uses a gel with just 25 percent peroxide. This is much better for tooth enamel since it’s less aggressive. In addition, you can now adjust the light output. As a result, the enamel does not overheat, and the patient does not experience discomfort or pain. This lamp is more modernized.

Let’s look at the difference between a standard lamp and a hacked one

A standard lamp has some limitations on the amount of brightening. That is, the system needs to be updated periodically, and as a result, the dentist is forced to raise the price for his services. A standard lamp has a chip inserted into it, which allows for four sessions.

But there is also an alternative. Namely, a hacked lamp that work with an endless number of whitening chips. This means that countless numbers of patients can be seen without having to change any parts. This is more effective because permanent use of a bleach lamp is possible on an ongoing basis.

The whitening effect itself is the same, since in one session you can whiten your teeth by 8 shades. The session takes no more than 45 minutes.

Increasing the number of procedures using bleach-infinite chip allows you to attract more customers. Chip removes the limitation of the whitening lamp, giving the possibility of unlimited.

Flashing or unlimited chip

Some dentists order reflashing of their lamp in order to increase the number of procedures. But in order to hack the limitations of the bleach lamp, it is not necessary to order flashing. There is an easier way. You just need to buy an unlimited chip. Its installation does not take much time. As a result, you have an unlimited lamp and an increased number of regular patients.