Spoonies! Here’s How You Can Soothe Your Symptoms Using Medical Cannabis

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Everyone knows about medical cannabis and its ability to manage seizures, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce anxiety. But it’s a less known fact that medical cannabis is also helpful in managing uncommon conditions. For instance, some people converted to medical cannabis to manage their fibromyalgia. 

For those who are still unaware of the term “spoonies,” these are primarily the type of conditions that come with a lifelong sentence. Many spoonies confirm that medical cannabis is their ally when it comes to offering soothing powers to the symptoms. 

But how? Let’s find out now!

Cannabis as a medical aid: How is it helpful?

Many anecdotal studies confirm that cannabis makes it easier for people who are surviving a chronic condition. In other words, it makes their life a lot palatable and a full-blown flare less horrific. 

Here are some lesser-known conditions that cannabis acts as an ally.


In this disease, the body’s immune system becomes super hyperactive. Thus, the immune cells start attacking the healthy cells and organs. The symptoms are usually fatigue, headaches, memory loss, or pain. 

Although the science is still behind how cannabis helps or assists chronic illnesses like lupus, much evidence impacts the inflammatory response. Thus aids in reducing the symptoms associated with the condition.


This condition comes with a variety of physical pain symptoms. And fatigue, insomnia, depression, and IBS make it even more horrific. Cannabis helps to ease the pain that usually feels like a glass trying to sweep inside the body. Not only that, the same medical cannabis helps to reduce anxiety associated with the condition. 

A woman in pain – Photo by: Eric Lewis – Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Crohn’s disease

This is the primary form of IBD. Here, the person suffers from digestive tract inflammation and has issues like malnutrition, weight loss, anorexia, and other symptoms. With cannabis, one can easily fight against most of these symptoms. In fact, many sufferers are looking for medical cannabis dispensaries like oc dispensary to find an appropriate strain to reduce inflammation and other signs to manage their condition. 

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis 

This is also referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome, which is yet another debilitating syndrome. The cause is unknown, but most people suffering from this condition often have headaches, poor memory, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, and insomnia. 

Many studies confirm that cannabis helps to improve the intensity of symptoms by many folds. In fact, it acts as a sedative that helps to energize you and thus enables you to stay away from sluggishness.


This is mainly a woman’s problem. Here a woman breaks down or sheds tissue outside the womb, which is a painful experience. In fact, some even experience painful pelvic pain, painful intercourse, and IBD symptoms. And as we mentioned before, cannabis helps to relieve these symptoms, especially chronic pain. 

Final Words

If you think cannabis only helps with anxiety, depression, chronic pain only, think again! Many anecdotal studies confirm that cannabis can have a role to play in many chronic conditions as well. So, if you get a chance to manage your condition using medical cannabis, grab that opportunity right away!