Soul Retrieval: The art of Shamanic Practices

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The definition of Soul Loss Shamans believe that traumatic events that happened in this or former lifetimes shape our perceptions and beliefs that last for generations. Wounds and negative experiences form our opinions about right and wrong, good or bad, ourselves and the world around us.

Painful events that happened years or even lifetimes ago still affect the way one feels, behaves and experiences life. Violent and abusive behaviors keep people trapped in fear, stress, and suffering and often lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders or physical illness.

This process and the resulting mentality are called soul loss, in the terminology of Shamanism. While the soul of a newborn baby is whole, the soul of a senior woman or man might be fragmented as a result of trauma.

Vital aspects of life force get lost; the calm and happy kid turns into an angry boy or girl and then into an anxious and depressed adult. Humans are designed to experience life from a perspective of serenity, happiness, and beauty. But often they lose these qualities after threatening and harmful events.

The process of soul retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a powerful shamanic tool that brings profound healing in a matter of weeks and long-lasting results.

Soul retrieval requires the shamanic healer to acquire an altered state of consciousness and connect with spiritual guides so that can journey in past events.

This journey aims to track the original traumatic events that have formed the current physical, emotional or spiritual issues. Depression or anxiety might be the current symptoms, but the root cause of the disorder is usually trauma after hurting experiences.

This original trauma is only a story that describes what happened or how one remembers what happened. Usually, shamans do not share this information with their clients, as it does not provide any real value in their healing journey.

Instead, a valuable source for the healing process is the recovery of the soul part that has been awaiting in bliss for years, if not for generations.

For example, a senior depressed woman may have been abused at the age of 7 and since then she lost the ability to be joyful and happy. The soul fragment that the shaman recovers is the part of herself that involves the qualities of happiness and joyfulness. It is like getting the manual of herself, she integrates the instructions, knowledge, and willingness to be happy and joyful again.

Soul retrieval practitioners

Soul retrieval can help people overcome severe and chronic emotional and psychic issues.

This beautiful healing procedure requires the creation of a safe therapeutic space along with a trustworthy and certified shamanic practitioner with high ethical values.

After coping for years with anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, and depression, Kostas Charalampopoulos met his destiny in Shamanism. As he says, Shamanism chose him and not vice versa.

Through a long journey of transformation, he managed to bring light into his dark spots and afterward felt the calling to assist others in their healing journey.

LuminousQuest is an online Shamanic Healing practice, founded by Kostas, and specializes in Soul Retrieval and other Shamanic Healing techniques.

Kostas will gently approach your current issues and will guide you to dig deeper and find the root causes of mental or spiritual disorders so that deep healing can happen.

He is intuitive, calm, polite, and capable of creating a safe space where you can be yourself and release anything that does not serve you anymore.

After Soul Retrieval Session

Although each one experiences soul retrieval differently, most people will feel whole, calm, and lightful after a soul retrieval session.

Toxic emotions and thinking patterns change quickly; you feel more present, and embodied to enjoy life.