How to Find an SMP Expert in New York

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SMP, which is short for scalp micropigmentation, is a leading treatment for hair loss and can be one of the most affordable options depending on your case, location, and practitioner. Once you have decided that this treatment is the best option for you, it might be time to begin researching the best SMP practitioners nearby. New York is a minefield of talented practitioners and surgeons, but how exactly do you find one of these experts to deal with your case? Below are a few suggestions on how to condense your choices and find an SMP expert in New York.


The level of training and experience an SMP artist has is often the most important factor to consider when choosing your preferred practitioner. This will help to determine how much progress they have made in mastering their craft and producing flawless results. Do your research on each of the practitioner’s credentials in question, asking yourself where they trained, who they were trained by and how many procedures have they done in the past year.

Don’t be afraid to ask about their certifications and whether they have all of the necessary qualifications required by local law as this will ensure that they are using safety measures, such as changing needles after each treatment. It will also ensure they are trained on proper sterilization techniques, and have completed all other health-related training. Answering these questions positively can give you peace of mind that they are acting responsibly and professionally.


You’ll also likely be wanting to see past results from patients, such as before and after pictures, and to ensure that your chosen practitioner has a long list of these to back up their ability to perform the procedure. This way you will not only be able to test their ability and technique but also analyze their style, particularly when getting this treatment done on your eyebrows, lips, or eyes. This should not usually be difficult to obtain, with most artists having their portfolio ready to send for review with you. If not, then be cautious about what they might be hiding.

Along with the portfolio, you might also be able to analyze a practitioner’s work based on reviews and testimonials. These might be posted on common social media sites such as Facebook and review sites like Yelp, but if the practitioner is professional and has many happy customers then they may be confident enough to post them on their own website. Testimonials can also be given to you via word of mouth so do take into account any great reviews passed onto you by friends or family members.

Comfort and Correction

After meeting or exchanging emails and phone calls with potential practitioners, decide on how well they communicated with you and whether you appreciate their tone or do not have a great feeling about them. Your gut instinct is often correct so if you don’t feel comfortable with the information that they are sharing with you or how it is being communicated, then it is best to keep looking around and settling with a practitioner that you can connect with comfortably. Clear communication is often crucial to getting the results you want, so be sure to not neglect this factor. 

You might want to also look into a practitioner’s correction policies since this procedure is quite delicate and may need alterations if your desired look isn’t achieved. Ask about whether these would be charged or whether the practitioner has a policy in place to achieve the look you have in mind without any quibbles. 

Micropigmentation treatment is a life-changing procedure for hair-loss that needs to be performed in the most professional way possible to achieve your desired results, therefore, reviewing these factors is incredibly important in your quest for finding an SMP expert in New York.