Small Business Owners: A Helpful Guide To Finding Health Insurance

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Health insurance is a big headache for any small business and human resources. There are numerous challenges around which plan to offer, the total cost, how to administer the plan, and if you are required to provide a plan in the first place.

Since 2010, rules and regulations have changed after the introduction of the Affordable Care Act by Barack Obama. This act allows small business owners to buy insurance coverage for their workers via an approved insurance company with a SHOP option.

Small businesses that try to stay on the right side of the law as they manage costs and keep employees healthy and happy have a lot to take in. Here is a helpful guide to finding the best health insurance for small business owners.

A Helpful Guide To Finding Health Insurance

Requirements For Health Insurance For Small Business Owners

The law allows some businesses to provide health insurance while others are exempt. When it comes to providing health insurance to your workers, there are basic requirements.

When looking for an easy, affordable health insurance plan, you must meet the coverage, benefit, and affordability standards placed in the ACA. All eligible employees must have health insurance in the first 90 days of employment.

Do Small Businesses Have To Provide Health Insurance Under The ACA?

Small businesses with less than 50 full-time employees are not required to provide insurance to their workers under the ACA. If you have more than 50 workers, the law requires you to provide them with health insurance.

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Laws change depending on the current political administration. It’s important to be dynamic and adjust to small business owners’ latest health insurance regulations. You can achieve this by subscribing to newsletters and industry publications, reading HR software blogs, and consulting with legal experts.

Benefits Of Providing Health Insurance

Even when you are under no legal obligation to provide health insurance to your employees, there are numerous reasons why you must consider it. Providing health insurance attracts a talented workforce since employees prioritize benefit packages when looking for jobs.

You might not be able to provide the same compensation as big companies, but you can offer attractive benefits like health insurance to attract and retain workers. Providing your workforce with health insurance proves that you care about their well-being, improving satisfaction, boosting morale, and helping retain talent.

Health insurance for small business owners encourages employees to look after their mental and physical health. Illnesses cost productivity, and you wouldn’t want that in your company.

How To Purchase Health Insurance For Small Business Owners

When you want to buy health insurance for small business owners, there are numerous ways. You can buy group health insurance plans via SHOP Marketplace, run federally.

You can also go for the qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement that gives employees the flexibility to select their plan. The association’s health plans allow you to join other small businesses to buy a bigger health insurance plan.


You must purchase an insurance plan if you have a small business and want to increase your workers’ productivity. Depending on your needs and budget, there are numerous ways you can buy health insurance for your employees. Consider the regulation set by the ACA to stay on the right side of the law.