How a slimming massage can treat cellulitis and improve your health

Slimming massage

Cellulitis is one of the most common body flaws that may negatively affect a woman’s self-esteem. Especially during the summer season, several women fear to show their legs and bodies since this imperfection is often mistakenly associated with overweight and fat. Slimming massages are a simple, yet effective solution in cellulite reduction, and improve a person’s overall health at the same time.

Recent studies demonstrated that mechanical slimming massages are a completely safe, effective technique that can significantly reduce and prevent this unaesthetic skin condition. Anti-cellulite massages improve tissue oxygenation by aiding venous return and breaking subcutaneous tissue, reducing the general state of inflammation that causes this condition. They also help improve the skin’s appearance by making it supple and firm.

The health benefits of Slimming Massages

Massages particularly appreciated by people who have loose skin because of a recent weight loss or pregnancy, and for those who want to excess fat in areas like thighs or abdomen. Repeated massages are able to produce a visible slimming effect that’s not directly linked to body weight reduction, especially on the waist area. Patients will just look and feel better as toxins are eliminated from the body. Other than feeling relaxing and pleasant, proper professional massages actually promote weight loss, relieve stress and improve blood flow. Massages can help improve sleep quality and are often used in combination with specific natural sleep aids you can buy in any US or UK based registered online pharmacy. Lymphatic drainage massages are in fact a very effective strategy to remove toxic waste from regional tissues.

By reducing local edema and improving the blood flow, they’re both effective to produce a visible slimming effect as well as a rehabilitation method in sports medicine. Massages can be used to treat all forms of muscle cramps, reduce spasms and promote a faster and more complete recovery after traumas and accidents. Slimming massages not only directly promote weight loss, but are also an effective method to relieve fatigue and stress. They’re very useful to improve endurance during athletic activities, reduce chronic fatigue in pregnant women, and alleviate the tired leg syndrome.

Positive psychological effects

Massages proved to be one of the most cost-effective treatments for anxiety, and their efficacy in relieving stress and promoting relaxation has been proved several times by many authoritative sources. Their effectiveness is so undebatable, that many recent studies are evaluating their possible application in the treatment of several psychiatric disorders. Professional massages are also a safe and effective method to treat several conditions that cause chronic or episodic pain. For example, all types of massages (not just slimming massages) are often employed to reduce chronic neck and back pain, especially when combined with exercises and education.

Massage techniques

Massage therapists use many different techniques that are best suited to each specific need, such as slimming, toning or relaxing. The most known one used to treat cellulite and reduce body weight is the deep tissue massagewhich is performed on deeper muscle layers. This type of massage is also helpful to treat muscle injuries, promote tissue regeneration and healing, and improve blood circulation in lower limbs.

The other most common type of slimming massage offered in spas and beauty centers is the Swedish one. It focuses on basic movements of friction, kneading and pounding to provide relief through vibration. This type of massage increases in strength and pressure through the sessions, as the body is ready to accommodate for higher pressures. Although it does offer some slimming efficacy, the Swedish massage is usually preferred to relieve stress and fatigue.